Trivia Recap – February 12, 2020 – McShane’s Pub

For the first time since December, members of all three “money” winning teams from the previous My Trivia Live tournament were in the same room together – once again competing for trivia dominance. In a  strange twist, not one of those teams wound up finishing in first, though we finished in second ($20 prize) and the “Pants” team finished in third. Congratulations to whichever team finished first (they used the name Love is in the Air…don’t know which team that was)! Most of the teams in this bar change their team names from game to game – or use a different variation of their regular team name (sometimes with lots of hashtag qualifiers). Our team name for the night was “Happy Birthday, Leslie Nielsen.” He’d be 94 if he were alive today, for the record!

This meme may or may not reflect the feelings of people on our team involving the British royal family (ahem)!


And now…some questions! They WILL be heavily abbreviated, though I made every effort to make sure they were all accurate.

Round One

1. Science Dinner – What is the common name of sodium chloride?

2. 2010s Films – Who played The Great Gatsby in the 2013 film adaptation of that F.Scott Fitzgerald novel?

3. Baker’s Dozen – What confection’s variety becomes known as “dark” when milk and sugar is omitted?

Round Two

1. Hold The Lox – Papaver somniferum is the scientific name for what popular flavor of bagel? I’m sure there was a lot more to this question…and my notes include the word “Papa Bear,” which kind of tells you how much fun I was having on this evening! Thank goodness for the Internets… I wrote down the answers to every question even if I didn’t write down every question word for word…

2. Wheels – What word is given to the shaft that wheels spin around?

3. Tudors – Which Henry was the first Tudor king reigning from 1485 to 1509? Bonus three point question – who was the last Tudor monarch – succeeded by James I of Scotland? Miss and miss. Damn I’m glad I live in a country where we only have to remember the names of 46 different heads of state and not all of those kings and queens! Well, we don’t HAVE to know their names, but it can be helpful on trivia nights (LOL)!

Round Three

1. State of Mind – What state was known as the “Bear Flag Republic” for a few weeks in 1846?

2. Sciences – Located at the California Academy of Sciences, what type of theater showcases the solar system and has the name “Morrison” in its name? Again, I have no idea how closely this question resembles the one that was asked of us!

3. Abolitionists – Whose portrait was scheduled to replace Andrew Jackson’s on the $20 bill until it was announced in 2019 that this would be delayed?

No misses going into the halftime round except that pesky “royals” question….

Halftime category – U.S. Geography

Name the capitals of the “Four Corners” states. I’m always grateful for my teammates, but I was particularly grateful for them in this round! Brad easily named the states, and I “sort of” helped with the capitals! Got them all…

Scores going into the second half:

Two teams tied for sixth with 29; Pants and one other team tied for fifth with 32 points, Dead Guys and OITLN tied for fourth with 33, us and one other team tied for third with 36, “Love is in the Air” in second with 37, and “Here” posting a perfect game of 40 points.

Round Four

1. Astrology – Which element is the ruling element for the astrological sign Gemini? I knew it was the same element as my own sign, so we got this (sometimes useless knowledge can be so helpful in trivia games). Aquarians and Geminis are supposed to be very compatible – which might explain why a couple of my best friends are Geminis! You really don’t have to “believe” in any of this stuff, but sometimes it can still be fun to read about…I’ve also joked that because I’m an “air” sign that it explains why I can be kind of airheaded, LOL… Wait…did I just give away the answer? Bah, who cares?

2. Homophones – What word – when  spelled with an “o” as its second letter describes a type of broth – but when that “o” is omitted it describes bars of gold?

2. Balls – What version of billiards is played with 22 balls? Brad came up with this answer right away and we turned it in, but some people playing pool right behind us kind of played along and tried answering this too (they were not playing the trivia game).

Round Five

1. Social Media – Remember how I said I wrote down all of the answers to the questions? Well, that was a LIE! I didn’t write down THIS answer! Also, I didn’t really write down this question, either! All I know is we missed it. It had to do with video sharing web sites. If players are allowed to skip answering one question a game by using their “word of the day,” well then…maybe trivia recap writers should also be allowed to opt out of writing down one question per recap! JK, JK! I’ll try to do better next time! 🙂

2. Nook – What company released the “Nook” reader? Speaking of “word of the day,” this is where we put down the word “quell”  as our answer instead of answering this question…

3. Medical Conditions – Myocardial infarction is more commonly known as what?

Round Six

1. Books – What portion of a book is typically at the end and its purpose is usually to bring closure to the story?

2. TV – “Money in the Bank,” “Battleground,” and “Payback” are three events for what company? Mike wrestles this one from his brain at the last second….

3. Religion – What are the first four books of the New Testament of the Bible? And of COURSE I had to proceed to list every book of the New Testament (one of my useless party tricks…proof that I was very susceptible to religious indoctrination at a young age – or just proof that if you put any type of knowledge to a song I’ll remember it forever). Except “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” My brain just can’t seem to retain anything from that song!

Wait, what? Did I finally play in a trivia game requiring me to know the books of the New Testament? First time for everything! Maybe one day the question will be a bit more complex!

High scoring game! We had 70 points and were in third going into the final, behind Love is in the Air (who had 73 points) and “Here” who had 74 points.

Final Category – Pluto

What moon of Pluto is named after a mythical body of water and was discovered in 2012?

Mike was all over this one right away….

Final standings: Pants (moved up from fifth), 132; ‘Pods, 140; Love is in the Air, 146.



One thought on “Trivia Recap – February 12, 2020 – McShane’s Pub

  1. Round One answers: table salt/salt, leo dicaprio, chocolate
    round two answers: poppyseed, axle, henry 7/elizabeth i
    round three answers: california, planetarium, harriet tubman
    halftime – denver, salt lake city, phoenix, santa fe
    round four answers: air, bouillon/bullion, snooker
    round five answers: ???, barnes and noble, heart attack
    round six answers: epilogue, WWE, matthew, mark, luke, john

    final answer: styx

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