Inspired! A New Kind of Mystery Round For Trivia?

I just got inspired…just now! Strangely enough, the inspiration came while watching an episode of the HLN series called “How It Really Happened” about deceased actor Heath Ledger.

Most of us pub trivia players have seen “before and after” mystery rounds, “put these in order” mystery rounds, “quickfire” mystery rounds, and “This Day in History” mystery rounds. And sometimes we get tortured with the dreaded “progressive” mystery rounds where you only have to turn in one answer – but the sooner you turn it in – the more points you receive. And of course – visual mystery rounds – or even all audio mystery rounds – and “twisted titles.” Crosswords, initials…lots and lots of mystery round possibilities!

I’ve just come up with what I think is a new concept for a mystery round that I’ve never encountered in a trivia game before – but it won’t be revealed until midnight, February 11 when I release my annual “birthday trivia questions.” All I’m going to say about it is that you’ll be required to know iconic roles of actors – the movies in which they played the iconic roles – and other movies they’ve been in as well. I think I’ll call it “Mixed Casts” (say that three times fast). I’m kind of a movies fan, so I think this will be a fun category!

I’ve already done one mystery round, so this will be in addition to what I’ve already done.

Stay tuned! Now to get to writing those questions!

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