It Feels Good To Be Taking Tonight Off From Trivia (February 5, 2020)!

We’ve played 12 total trivia games at Tower Inn since it started offering trivia nights last October and tonight, we’ll be taking the night off from playing there. It’s just…time for a break.

My  husband and I got into an argument after last week’s game. It was silly, really. He decided he was going to take off after we’d answered the final question – and learned we’d gotten it wrong. He had already been kind of fed up with the excessive noise, and a couple of chatty guys in the restroom. One of the guys said he had to sit down to take a piss and this just really, really rubbed Mike the wrong way (he was still talking about it the next day)! I left a little after he did, but he said something about maybe I should’ve stayed behind in case there were tiebreakers. I kind of lost it…I thought it was presumptuous of him to think I should stick around and finish up the game when he was free to leave whenever he felt like leaving. I said I didn’t want to walk around a sketchy area alone (thinking he would go out to the car), and I didn’t want to hang out to wrap up the game without my whole team. It’s not uncommon for panhandlers to set up shop on the sidewalks near where we play our trivia games. Asking for bus fare when they have no plans to hop on a bus (classic ruse).

Having couples/married couples on teams is going to be a challenge sometimes! It’s only natural for arguments to happen from time to time.

We wound up resolving this silly argument, of course – but it was still a “sign” that maybe we  needed to take a week or two off from playing at this trivia spot. I think Evan prefers the Thursday night scene at Sticks to the Tower Inn games (he’s younger and likes the Sporcle format better), and Mike – well, sometimes it’s good to shake up his routines a bit and change things up. Brad’s easygoing and goes with the flow – he’s happy playing wherever we play (as long as he can walk or bike to games, LOL). Changing things up is good for me, too. The “grind” of playing in one spot week…after week – after week – will get to me after a while, too. I start to crave a change of scenery. It’s kind of like hitting the “reset” button when you can visit a different trivia spot! Mike and I both enjoyed playing at a spot in Ann Arbor last week (though we proved to be a bit rusty at navigating Ann Arbor streets)! One ways…ugh!

Mike and I may play some Buzztime at another bar tonight. Next week, we’ll play on a different night than usual to accommodate my birthday (an MTL spot). I lucked out and got the day AFTER my birthday off without having asked for it (bonus)! I thanked my boss for doing that…

We’ll be hitting up the Thursday night scene at Sticks tomorrow, so I’ll have a recap of that game on Friday.

See you all in the next blog – or game recap!


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