Trivia Plans Week of February 3, 2020 (And Beyond)

We’ll  be playing at Tower Inn Wednesday and possibly Thursday  at Sticks (depending  upon what players I’ll  have available for the Thursday game). I really only have four players (including me) in my mix these days, and my focus will be on doing what’s best for all of us!

One of those things will involve sitting farther from the speaker at next Wednesday’s game at Tower Inn. Not just the speaker – but other sources of noise, too! Last week, one of the teams we sat by was…exceptionally loud (and obnoxious, and boastful, and a couple of their players should have been cut off three rounds ago) – so we’ll do what we did when they used to play at Powell’s (ahem) – and move as far away from them as possible. That was a bit tough to do in a small bar like Powell’s! I remember Mike and I always tried to get the booth table in the back – since the “loud” team always seemed to sit in the same place toward the front.

It’s clear that they want to pick a trivia “fight” with us. I get it…we’re the “team to beat” in their world view. Come and get it! Mike and I beat this 5-7 person team fairly easily as a duo for two seasons in 2018, and looking at their overall scores from Powell’s, I’m not worried. Competition is fine, guys – and I love good trivia competition as much as you do – just don’t be obnoxious about it. Bragging about winning is NEVER cool. When they beat our team and one other team by one point last week, one of them said “That’s all we need.” Un-classy.

In other trivia news, I’ve been wanting to check out a couple of “southern” trivia spots that I had to abandon a while back. One of which we had to abandon because it was the same night as our Tower Inn show (Wednesday nights), and the other (a Thursday show) I had to give up because one of my players who liked playing there moved out of town (and another player moved farther away, too)…leaving me pretty much the only one who can still play there – and still enjoys playing there. My “better half” cannot stand the trivia scene there ( mainly the higher prices on beer).

Now that I’m working the later shifts, the Thursday games at Sticks might become more frequent. They’ve proven to be fairly “easy money” nights in terms of winning prizes – even if I just have 2-3 players. Plus, the $2.50 tall beers and close proximity to home is quite appealing! I am kind of curious as to what happened to the previous host, Shane. A string of sub hosts have been on the mic for quite a while now. In other changes, Tammy is now working as a server at Sticks on Thursdays again. She’s been with the bar for quite a long time, but she hasn’t always been scheduled for Thursdays. She does a great job – so it’s a positive change!

Those southern “away” games will have to wait! Probably until after daylight savings time kicks back in March. For now, “local” games will have to take precedence. If I have 1-2 other players who want to play the Sticks show on Thursday, that’s far more important to me than playing an “away” game by myself on the same night. Hitting up The Owl on a MTL bye week is a DEFINITE possibility! My husband and I both enjoyed the trivia scene there…and the cheap beer, friendly bar/barista staff. And I always enjoyed a chance to ogle that cat who hangs out in the front window of a neighboring storefront!


My birthday is coming up very soon – and it falls on a Tuesday. So…guess what I’ll want to do that night? This means for one week only – our team will be changing its trivia “routine” slightly. That week, we’ll play Tuesday – instead of Wednesday – possibly at a trivia spot near YOU! More about that story as it develops…but I just might keep a bit mum about where we’ll play too (wink-wink)! A gentleman never asks…and a lady never tells!


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