Trivia Recap – January 31, 2020 – Quentin Tarantino Movies Theme Night – The Graduate (Ann Arbor, MI)

Mike and I ventured into Ann Arbor, MI Thursday night for a trivia night about Quentin Tarantino movies. Though the turnout was quite disappointing (only three teams – including ours), we won a second place/$20 prize.

This was – hands down – the fanciest place we’ve ever visited on a trivia night! First off, the bar is part of the Graduate Hotel in downtown Ann Arbor – and valet parking is offered to guests! We didn’t opt for the $3 valet parking – we just parked in a structure about a block away and walked. Also adding to the “fancy” vibe were $14 craft cocktails! Not surprisingly, considering the “Graduate” name – one of those drinks was called the “Mrs. Robinson!”


Vodka, blackberry, rosemary, simple syrup and another ingredient I’m forgetting… If I didn’t know better, I’d say this drink was trying to seduce me (this is an older pop culture reference – but it still checks out)!

They also had three different craft beers on special for $3 each – an IPA from Witch’s Hat, a blonde from Arbor Brewing, and an oatmeal stout from New Holland. We held off on ordering drinks since we’d be at another bar for another trivia game later, but we ordered an appetizer which included hummus, veggies, and pita wedges. We’d both been kind of craving veggies lately, so this hit the spot!

Here are some pics of the trivia spot:

Hats off to the solo player Tyler from “Apollo 15,” who logged a nearly perfect game (missing only two points). How someone could IMMEDIATELY know how many people – including Bill – that The Bride killed in the Kill Bill movies – is truly a mystery! We had to write down the names of the people she killed – and count – which took us about 30 seconds or so.  While Mike and I are certainly fans of Tarantino movies, we’re obviously not experts of THAT caliber! #wearenotworthy

No teams got the final correct…

When…oh when – will some trivia company out there offer up a theme trivia night based on David Lynch movies?

And here I go with the questions, which may be abbreviated.

Round One

1. Music – What song was played during the infamous “ear” sequence in Reservoir Dogs?

2. TV – Which Tarantino film was turned into a TV series that lasted three seasons? Miss

3. Art of Conversation – In what film do moviegoers learn that a Quarter Pounder is called a “Royale With Cheese” in France? “Royale With Cheese” was the team name we used…

Round Two

1. Movies – What was the name of the movie paired with Death Proof in a double feature? We knew what one of the words was, but nope…miss.

2. Nicknames – What is Lt. Aldo Raine’s Native American inspired nickname in Inglourious Basterds?

3. Names – What is the first name of “The Bride” in the Kill Bill movies?

Round Three

1. Anthology – What anthology film written by Tarantino and three other writers featured a bellhop being tormented by hotel guests?

2. Actors – Although he didn’t understand the direction of his scenes, what actor in Natural Born Killers was allowed to write his own lines? Miss.

3. Guns – What gun is being referred to in this quote from Ordell Robbie in Jackie Brown: “When you absolutely, positively have to kill every mother f—-er in the room, accept no substitute?” We were HOPING that this would be the question when we heard the category!

Halftime – Cameos

Given the description of the characters and the movies, name the actors playing cameo roles.

H1 – Voice of OSS officer on the phone in Inglourious Basterds

H2 – Voice of answering machine in Jackie Brown

H3 – Rufus the piano player in Kill Bill 2

H4 – Australian mining company employee looking to purchase Django in Django Unchained

Got all of these for two points each plus two additional points. No “and more” bonus question for this round.

Scores: The North Remembers, 15; Royale With Cheese (‘Pods), 34 and Apollo 15, 37 (perfect first half).

Round Four

1. Awards – Name two Tarantino films that have won an Academy Award. This is exactly how the question was worded…the trivia host clarified that they must be films in which Quentin Tarantino himself won the Oscars! Had she not clarified this, then ANY film of his that had…say an actor such as Christoph Waltz – win a supporting actor Oscar would be correct answers. The Tarantino “expert” in the room said there were actually three movies for which he won Oscars, though imdb says that he’s only won two. But none of this matters…we only named one correct movie for this one – miss.

2. Plots – What recent Quentin Tarantino film takes place during Hollywood’s “Golden Age?”

3. Quotes – In what movie would you hear the quote, “Are you going to bark all day, little doggie – or are you going to bite?” Made right guess here.

Round Five

1. Presidents – From what president does Marquess Warren in The Hateful Eight have a letter from?

2. Writing – What 1996 film was written by – but not directed by – Quentin Tarantino? Miss.

3. Code Names – What two men are upset with their colorful code names in Reservoir Dogs? Miss.

Round Six –

1. Meetings – When Max first meets Jackie Brown, he was originally going to meet another woman in what location?

2. States – In what U.S. state do the events in The Hateful Eight take place? I suggested the right answer, but we talked ourselves out of it…

3. Lists – Including Bill, how many people are killed from Beatrix Kiddo’s “kill list?”

Scores going into the final:

The North Remembers, 45; Royale With Cheese, 58 and Apollo 15, 71.

Final Category – Quotes

In what two Tarantino films would you hear the quote “OK ramblers – let’s get rambling?”

All teams missed…

This concludes our trivial pursuits for the week! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Zed!



One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 31, 2020 – Quentin Tarantino Movies Theme Night – The Graduate (Ann Arbor, MI)

  1. round one – stuck in the middle with you, from dusk til dawn, pulp fiction
    round two – planet terror, apache, beatrix
    round three – four rooms, rodney dangerfield, ak 47
    halftime – harvey keitel, tarantino, samuel l jackson, tarantino
    round four – django/pulp fiction, once upon a time in hollywood, reservoir dogs
    round five – lincoln, from dusk til dawn, mr. pink/mr. brown
    round six – jail, from dusk til dawn, five
    final answer: from dusk til dawn, reservoir dogs

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