Trivia Recap – January 30, 2020 – Tower Inn (Answers in the Comments)

It was a more “bustling” trivia night than usual Wednesday at Tower Inn! The trivia nights here have started (hopefully) to pick up some momentum! Maybe next time we won’t sit quite so close to the speaker – by the end of the game – one of our players was far too eager to get outside into some…quietness!

Speaking of noise, we didn’t exactly make any real “noise” in Wednesday’s game! We remain in a comfortable lead at the bar in terms of the standings, but didn’t manage to win any prizes Wednesday. We still held our own competitively right up until the end, with only one point dividing the two tied number two teams (one of which was ours) and the first place team. We left before the game had finished, so I don’t know which teams wound up winning prizes. Hey…when the person with the car keys is starting to leave – it’s a good idea to follow them!

We had no misses up until the halftime round, except the “bonus” answer – which we didn’t attempt to answer (though the right guess was suggested). A couple of the halftime round questions were a bit too…young for our older mix of players (our regular “fourth” player was absent and likely would have helped with those).

And here are the questions…abbreviated, of course.

Round One

1. The Lottery – What is the lowest cost of an instant scratch off ticket in the state of Michigan?

2. Accidents – In the beginning of the film and in the book, what type of accident were the boys in Lord of the Flies involved? A bit of debate between two possibilities, but got it…

3. ’90s Sports – We had a five-point slip left for this, so we were a bit nervous… Throughout the ’90s, the song “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project was heavily used in association with what powerhouse Midwest NBA team? And I shocked the “blokes” by knowing this answer – not because I made the right guess as to which “powerhouse Midwest NBA team” was dominant in the 1990s…but because of a recent “side project” where I looked into the very riveting topic of… “jock jams!” You never know what useless knowledge nuggets will help out in a trivia game!

Round Two

1. The Body – A clear substance called vitreous humor comprises about 80 percent of what body part?

2. Pop Singers – What former Black Eyed Peas singer later gained solo success with “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Glamorous?”

3. SNL – What recurring news segment on Saturday Night Live has used the name “SNL News Break” and “Saturday Night News?” The three-point bonus question was which group did SNL producer Lorne Michaels offer $3,000 to in the first season if they got back together? Did not attempt to answer this, but had the right guess…

Round Three

1. Medicine – What heart surgery procedure uses a balloon?

2. Military – What widely used tactical herbicide during the Vietnam War has a colorful name?

3. Cartoons – What classic cartoon character is a standing member of the Royal Order of Water Buffaloes? Two different answers were accepted…

Halftime – Before they were stars

Given the names of actors, identify the children’s TV shows in which they appeared before they became stars.

H1 – Hillary Duff

H2 – Kenan Thompson

H3 – Alanis Morrissette

H4 – Annette Funicello

Missed #1 and #2.

We were in second going into the second half with 31 points – only three points away from the first place team.

Round Four

1. Websites – Inspired by the works of Douglas Adams, the “Babelfish” web site provides what service?

2. Authors – Ireland’s “Bloomsday” festival celebrates what author of Ulysses?


Adam Driver in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. More about him in a bit!

3. Netflix – Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver co-star in what Netflix-originated movie about a couple going through a coast to coast divorce? Nope – nobody on our team bothered to watch this one (go figure…this movie probably has no robots, spaceships or smart-alecky talking animals in it…unless you count Adam Driver)! Speaking of Adam Driver, Mike and I watched a movie recently with him in it called “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.” While we were watching, I described Adam Driver as “one of those guys who’s kind of ugly – but also still kind of hot.” Since this is a Terry Gilliam directed movie…it is a bit on the weird side! We used our “get out of jail” card on this one (word of the day).

Round Five

1. The Olympics – In what Winter Olympics host city did the Kerrigan/Harding rivalry continue? And how weird is this…the second sports question of the night I got correct!

2. Same Name – What multi-layered laminated sweet pastry shares its name with a word describing someone from a specific Scandinavian country?

3. Broadcast News – Sharing her first and last name with a character introduced on the Fox network in 1987, who recently was named the senior vice president of talent relations for Fox? We picked a character whom was introduced in 1987 (Peggy Bundy) – but she wasn’t correct. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was correct – and they dressed the same? Leopard print stretch pants – bouffant hair – high heels? Miss…

Round Six

1. Organizations – What crime prevention organization founded in 1979 featured members wearing red berets and red jackets?

2. Maternity – Two-word name for a woman whom breast feeds and cares for another mother’s child.

3. Games – What game is characterized by colored “daubers?”

We were tied with one other team with 65 points going into the final – one point behind the first place team. I don’t know how things shook out at the end, but here’s the final question:

In 1950, composer Wolfgang Schmieder catalogued the works of what other composer under the initials BWV?


We “may” play a double trivia header tonight! As always, Go Pods – and stay classy, Alanis Morrissette!






One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 30, 2020 – Tower Inn (Answers in the Comments)

  1. Round One – one dollar, plane crash, chicago bulls

    Round Two – eye, fergie, weekend update/beatles

    Round Three – angioplasty, agent orange, fred flintstone/barney rubble

    Halftime – Before they were stars

    Given the names of actors, identify the children’s TV shows in which they appeared before they became stars.

    H1 – Hillary Duff/Lizzy McGuire

    H2 – Kenan Thompson/Kenan and Kel

    H3 – Alanis Morrissette/You Can’t Do That On Television

    H4 – Annette Funicello/Mickey Mouse Club

    Round Four – language translator, james joyce, marriage story

    Round Five – Lillehammer, danish, lisa simpson

    Round Six – guardian angels, wet nurse, bingo

    final answer: Johann Sebastian Bach

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