Day Two Of My “Fitness Adventures” – 2020 Edition

Hey buddy…what are you doing with that shopping cart outside of the store? You planning to bring it back where it belongs? Nobody has time to go chasing down lost carts in the mall, bro!”

These were words I said in my head today when I saw a customer with a shopping cart belonging to our store – at ANOTHER STORE IN THE MALL! Oh the humanity, right? No, I didn’t actually confront him – but I did get a close look to confirm it was one of our carts!

Then my faith in humanity was restored when I saw him walking toward the store where it belonged! He was using it to transport his small human spawnling, apparently…

As for today’s walk? Thirty minutes, two miles, two laps around Ann Arbor, MI’s Briarwood Shopping Center. It’s not quite a “dead mall” yet! The big Sears spot has been empty for more than a year – and now – Express Men is closed – and maybe a few other very small storefronts are closed. The Motherhood maternity store is closing soon (know anyone who needs maternity clothes)?  Honestly – I can’t see any one business taking over the Sears spot in today’s business climate. I think it would make more sense for it to be subdivided and leased to more than one business, like I’ve seen happen in other malls (such as Copper Country Mall in Houghton MI).  Now THAT mall is kind of a dying mall! But not quite as much as the poor beleaguered Courtland Center mall in Burton, MI. Will malls eventually become a thing of the past? Probably…

In the meantime, however – the mall is a perfectly good spot for me to get a little post-work workout! I don’t have to figure out what to wear because of weather, I don’t have to worry about getting run over by distracted drivers and I don’t have to worry about unleashed dogs running at me (which has happened). All I have to worry about are the “lollygaggers!” The slow-moving pedestrians clogging up my “track!”

What about music? My walks are ALWAYS about the music. My “MusicBot 2000” (Sandisk portable mp3 player) – picked some good “walking tunes” today! The first song it picked was “Space Lord” by Monster Magnet. Sigh…that song always reminds me of DC antihero Lobo! Heeere’s Lobo: ⇓


Lyrics from “Space Lord:”
I left my throne a million miles away
I drink from your tit and sing the blues every day
Give me the strength to split the world in two now
I ate all the rest and now I’ve gotta eat you

So who’s Lobo, you might ask? Well, he has been described by some as DC’s answer to Wolverine – although I think there’s a little Ghostrider mixed in there too (just because they’re both antiheroes – and both ride motorcycles). He wiped out his whole race on his home planet (except for his fourth grade teacher – whom he later kills), he’s a womanizer, possesses genius-level intelligence… and uh, he’s not really a nice guy! But hey…Joker is not really a nice guy either – and his movie has MADE MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS! Maybe “nice guys” aren’t what moviegoers want to see! When’s the last time a really, really good Superman movie was made?

If  Lobo gets made into a movie and the producers DON’T get the rights to use the song “Space Lord?” It would be about as dumb as Marvel not getting the rights to use Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” in the Iron Man movie…(which they were smart enough to do). Now why don’t I have “Iron Man” in my music collection? Hmmm, must remedy that soon (but I digress)!

Aside from being places to…buy things and buy overpriced Starbucks coffee – malls are also great for people watching! Customers are always fun to watch – but if you know what to look for – workers can be pretty “watchable” too! I caught a glimpse of someone in the Forever 21 store working on a mannequin display. When I came by the store later on my second lap, I saw that worker walking out in front of the store. Hmmm – I thought – what could she be walking outside the store for? There aren’t any lunch spots in this wing. Then I saw that she was eyeballing her mannequin displays to see how they looked from outside the store. For some reason – that was kind of enjoyable for me to see! Someone taking pride in their work (go figure)!

And this wraps up this lame attempt at a fitness blog!



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