Update On The New Dress Code…

A new dress code is kicking in soon at my place of employment. We have to wear black tops, black bottoms and have some kind of “splash of red.” Some of my co-workers have already started wearing outfits in line with this new dress code. I’ll be trying it out when I work tomorrow.

Since I only have one decent pair of black “work pants,” I had to find a couple of other black “things” to wear on the lower half of my body! And, as it turns out – the pants that I thought were in decent shape…are actually starting to wear out a bit in a spot that people aren’t likely to ever see (ahem) – unless I wear anything but black undergarments underneath!

So I did a little online shopping – and found a black skirt – WITH POCKETS! I’m very excited – this means I’ll have a place to put my folded-up box cutter, used tissues, band aid wrappers, etc.  I tried it on earlier (sorry, no pics…maybe I’ll have my “better half” snap a picture the next time I wear it to work…or maybe I won’t). So I have that as an option! It’s not a very “sexy” skirt by any means – it hangs a few inches below my knees, and I usually prefer skirts to hang above my knees. I can wear it with my black knee socks when the weather is…brisk – and with quarter socks when it’s warmer out. Maybe I’ll try to find some red socks – but that will have to be another shopping excursion (probably online).

So…it’s not exactly a “date night” skirt. But – for a wardrobe piece I’ll be wearing to work – where I’ll handle/manhandle all manners of merchandise, do battle with packaged merchandise with a box cutter (pallets of merchandise are like wild beasts and can only be tamed by cutting them) and schlep merchandise from point a to point b – practical – and modest – is of paramount importance! The fabric seems like it will be durable enough to stand up to some abuse, too. Though maybe not verbal abuse (LOL)! I’ll be sure to not hurt this skirt’s feelings!

So…what about the red? I found a pair of red earrings on clearance. So…that will have to do! I also have a red bandanna – to use to keep hair out of my face when I’m working “behind the scenes.” If not worn like a “do-rag,” I can probably also wear it on the sales floor. So I guess I’m a “Blood” now…what do I have to do to be initiated into the gang? Maybe I don’t want to know…

Some of my co-workers are complaining that this dress code is too “gloomy.” Not me! If customers ask me why I’m dressed like someone died, here’s how I’ll respond:


I also found a pair of black pants…THAT FIT! I know, I know – I’m as shocked as you are! They’re a “skinny fit,” which is not something I would normally choose. But they’re actually something I COULD wear outside of work if I wanted! They have lots of stretch, have plenty of pockets (five pocket styling) – and most importantly – seem like they’ll be durable enough for work (can you tell that durability is very important in my work attire)? I’m nothing if not a bit like my mother when it comes to my “practical” side! #functionoverfashion

Most importantly? My supervisor is going to shit a brick when she sees me wearing a SKIRT to work tomorrow!

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