I’m Feeling The Trivia Itch (January 21, 2020)

I’ve only been out for FOUR trivia games this month! I wanted to go out last Saturday – but didn’t want to “brave” the roads/arctic cold; should’ve played last Thursday (January 16) since I would’ve known both finals, and this week, I have an earlier than usual work schedule so I’ll be lying a bit more low on the trivia front. Also, I have to work early next Sunday, so that means Saturday is out. I suppose I could’ve played last night, but neither me nor my “trivia partner” were up for playing. I only like to do Mondays when I can get my “three amigos,” and only two thirds of them would’ve been available.

How would Charlie Brown express this feeling?


I’m especially itching to get out on my own for a solo game some night. Play somewhere I want to play, not concern myself with whether or not anyone else on my team wants to play there – or not. I try to be as accommodating as I can with the team and work with their  schedules. I need to just have a couple of hours of “me trivia time.” I just don’t know when that might be able to come to pass. I’m thinking that’s not likely to happen until…February. I might be in a strong negotiating position for this to happen during this month (wink-wink)!

Looking ahead to next, week, we have a theme trivia game we MIGHT play involving Quentin Tarantino movies. I’ve even invited the guy we “borrowed” from a rival team at the most recent tournament. But it’s a huge maybe as to whether we’ll go or not, because it’s winter – and…well, I’ll let this old sea captain speak here:


My husband made this meme last week!

Looks like our next trivia outing will be Wednesday at Tower Inn. See y’all in the next game recap!

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