Trivia Recap – January 16, 2020 – Tower Inn

A foursome of ‘Pods met up for trivia in week nine of the current My Trivia Live league – which means it might be about halfway over! We remain in a fairly comfortable lead, which is indeed a strange place for team like ours to be! We remember being in some tight competition at a bar next door to Tower Inn – back when the Wurst Bar still served up trivia nights on Wednesdays. One of our former rival teams from Wurst – The Pants Team – is now dominating the Tuesday night scene at McShane’s Pub. Though I’m hearing rumors that the McShane’s scene has become a bit more competitive as of late. If I were the emperor from Star Wars, I’d be saying, “Good….good.” It should never be TOO easy to win on a trivia night – should it?

The last time we played at McShane’s was in October, 2019 (we won first place/$30 that night). And for that occasion – “Team Pants” used the team name “Hi, Pods!” That brought a smile to our faces -and was a bit of an “awww” moment! Hi back at you guys!

In other news of former trivia rivals – the team formerly known as the “Ham Wallets” from Powell’s Pub (now playing under a name incorporating the word Oedipus)- was in the competitive mix, and they were rewarded with a $20/second place prize. Unlike us, they opted not to wager on the difficult final question that stumped all five teams in the room. So this made this our first trivia outing since December 4 where we we didn’t win any prizes. Yeah…we whined about that a bit…but after enough applications of beer to the face…we kind of forgot about it!

Now…how about some game questions? Please assume they are all abridged/abbreviated.

Round One

1. Nicknames – What word describes a young girl exhibiting traits typical of a young boy?

2. Headquarters – What west coast city is the site of headquarters for Starbucks?

Amy Adams is famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart.  Ph: Doane Gregory

3. Aviators – Who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic? Movie version of woman seen in above photo (played by Amy Adams).

Round Two

1. Same Name – What word is used to describe several small waterfalls – as well as a brand of dish soap?

2. Marine Animals – What type of shark is the largest – and can grow up to 40 feet long? We also briefly joked about a different shark who can live to be hundreds of years old – who shakes his fin and says “Get off my lawn.” You can read more about this shark here.

3. Leap Year – In what year will the next leap year occur? Bonus question for three points – which specific pope introduced a more precise method for calculating leap years? We knew the pope’s name, but didn’t know what number designation he had (which was required for getting the points). Clearly our team members need to study our papal history! Uh, pass on that! Which actor played “The Pope of Greenwich Village?”


This “bad boy” of ’80s cinema (right) would go on to receive an Oscar nomination for his work in a 2008 film…

Round Three

1. Symbols – What continent is the only one not represented in the circles symbolizing the Olympics?

2. Famous Women – What woman known for her work during the Crimean War was nicknamed “The Lady of the Lamp?”

3. Phrases – What phrase – popularized in a Thomas English muffin advertisement – describes looking for something “in all spots – everywhere?”

Halftime – Disney Songs

Pick which song – out of two choices – won the Academy Award for best original song for the following movies:

H1 – The Little Mermaid – Under The Sea – or Kiss The Girl?

H2 – The Lion King – Can You Feel The Love Tonight – or Circle of Life?

H3 – Aladdin – A Whole New World – or A Friend Like Me?

H4 – Beauty and the Beast – Be Our Guest – or Beauty and the Beast?

Got all of these (yay Mike and Brad actually needed help from the other half of the team for this one!

Our only miss of the first half was the bonus question…which put us in first – and just four points ahead of our nearest competitors.

Round Four

1. ’80s TV – Debuting in 1984, what crime drama series featured the Glenn Frey song Smuggler’s Blues?

2. Arts and Crafts – What two colors make up “Buffalo Plaid,” which is associated with the Woolrich company? When I said what the answer was for this one, I was “quizzed” about it by Mike and Brad, whom asked me: “How do you know this?” Never mind I didn’t ask them how THEY knew all of the answers leading up to the halftime round (LOL)! So I answered them… “It’s in their logo?” As for WHY this little nugget was in my brain, I couldn’t tell ya! Though I think my mom had something made by this company way back when… Their logo has changed recently, for the record… I looked at their web site earlier today – and if you want a place to buy really, really high-end  (read: expensive) flannel shirts – look no further! Uh, maybe when I win the lottery I’ll buy that super heavyweight $530 flannel “overshirt!”

3. Weather – What instrument is used to measure wind speed and direction? We joked about putting “Velociraptor” as our answer, but we didn’t…still got it wrong.

Round Five

1. Cuisine – What is the name for the frills on bones of cooked legs of animals made of paper? Miss…

2. Heartbreaker – Pat Benatar sung her hit song “Heartbreaker” in a 2003 episode of what supernatural TV series? We opted to use our “word of the day” here so six points, no punishment…However – since no teams got this correct – Stacy changed the question to this one:

Country singer Harold Lloyd Jenkins, born in 1933, is better known by what stage name?

3. Sage Advice – What is the specific term for burning sage in your house to invite positive energy? Miss…

Round Six

1. Communications – What system of communication companies was dominant from the 1870s until the early 1980s in North America?

2. Europe – What European country is home to the city of Antwerp?

3. U.S. States – What U.S. state grows the most popular citrus fruit? Yes this is exactly the way this question was worded…

This put us in the lead going into the final with 65 points – eight points ahead of Thought Dogs.

Final Category – Newer Laws

Gary Dellapenta was the first person in the U.S. charged with what specific crime in 1999 – three weeks after California passed a law involving this crime? The first laws involving this crime were passed nine years earlier – and the maximum sentence is 18 months to one year in prison.

We wagered…and missed. Teams that didn’t wager got the prizes…

Until next time – which “might” be Saturday! A couple of ‘Pods are kind of…itching – for a Sporcle Live game!

That’s it for this game recap! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Gary Dellaplenta (apparently he’s not a very classy guy at all – you can read more about how disgusting he was here)…






One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 16, 2020 – Tower Inn

  1. Round One
    tomboy, seattle, amelia earheart

    Round two
    cascade, whale shark, 2020, gregory 13

    round three
    antarctica, florence nightingale, nooks and crannies


    under the sea, can you feel the love tonight, whole new world, beauty and the beast

    Round Four

    miami vice, black/red, animometer

    round five

    manchettes, charmed/conway twitty, smudging

    Round Six
    bell, belgium, florida


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