Trivia Tonight! January 15, 2020

I know I’ve been a little silent on the blog front for the past couple of days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

I’m still “trucking along” on the NFL logos picture blog. Here’s hoping I don’t run out of navy blue ink before I’m done! That seems to be a very popular color among NFL teams. I don’t happen to have the exact shade of blue to do the Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers’ logos, but…I’ll improvise. I may have to see if I have another pen besides the ones in my set I got for Christmas.

I’ve actually been enjoying this little “side project.” Being that I’m married to a graphic designer, I have a greater appreciation for logos – and lettering – than the average person. I know how much thought goes into what appears to be just a simple logo. I pity the artist who’s tasked with doing a logo for a huge organization. I can only imagine the committee thinking, the back and forth, the revisions and frustrations that must be involved.

I’ll be meeting with the “gang” for trivia tonight. So far we are in the lead at Tower Inn with virtually no real competition. We’ve logged five scores – and have 337 points. This means we’re averaging 67.4 points per game. We’ve won $110 in prizes so far this season. I’m definitely not used to non-competitive trivia nights! I still have little confidence this place will continue offering trivia past this season. There just aren’t enough teams coming out.

All we can do is…see how it goes! But I have a game to get ready for, so…ta! Recap on Thursday.

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