Why I’m Hesitant To See “Joker”

I think it’s time for me to clear the air. Why haven’t I gone to see the movie Joker yet?

Let’s discuss the supposedly compelling reasons I *should* see it, shall we?


Why I *Should* See Joker

  • It’s received eleven freaking Oscar nominations. Though – to be fair – Oscar fodder isn’t necessarily going to compel me to see a movie.
  • It’s grossed $334.1 million at the U.S. box office and more than $1 billion worldwide
  • Joker is arguably one of the best fictional characters ever created. Not just one of the best comic book characters – not just one of the best comic book villains -ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS EVER CREATED. Imho…
  • Robert DeNiro is in it.

And now for the other side of my decision coin:

Why I Haven’t Seen Joker Yet: 

  • I’m concerned that a Joker “origin story” will ruin his mystique. Part of Joker’s appeal – at least to me – is the mystery. Why the f— is he the way he is? I don’t want answers…I just want him in all of his chaotic, mad, disorderly glory. I want him being a counterpart to Batman (more about that in a bit).  I kind of like the whole madman out of nowhere thing. Is he chaotic neutral – or chaotic evil?
  • Joaquin Phoenix playing him is NOT a draw for me. I can’t explain why – he just isn’t.
  • I loved Heath Ledger’s and Jack Nicholson’s takes on the character.
  • Batman isn’t in it. Batman and Joker just go together so well…It really is almost a yin-yang love affair with those two. Their onscreen chemistry just can’t be beat.

Sigh. I suppose I will eventually go see this movie! But I’ll wait until all of this Oscar hub bub dies down…

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