Dress Codes – Tyranny? OR Necessary Evil?

It might  be  surprising  for  some  of  you  to  learn  that (ahem) – I don’t  have  a problem  with  dress codes. The less I have to think about what to wear to work, the better. Work is work -play  is play.

I don’t  even  have a problem with school uniforms. If some kids’ parents  can afford high end garb  for their kiddos -and other kids have to wear Goodwill stuff? Uniforms equalize  all of that. Even when I was in school I wouldn’t  have had a problem  with uniforms. Knee socks can be fun! And the kind of sick irony is, schoolgirl clothing is a definite  “kink.”

There are a couple of exceptions I take to dress codes:

  • Wearing  skirts, dresses  or “very dressy” shoes  is required (I wouldn’t  agree to such a dress code unless I were paid as much as a high-class madam to high class call girls)
  • The dress code is not enforced fairly (hey  if  I have  to follow the rules  so should  everyone  else)

I’ve  dealt  with  lots of dress codes in my life. Any shorts  I wore in high  school  had  to  be  knee  length. Skirts  could  be any length – so I could (and did) – wear miniskirts, but  gosh  shorts needed  to graze my knees for some reason. Some male  classmates  would later challenge this…discrepancy  – by wearing  skirts to school. This got those boys  far more  attention than I ever got wearing  short  skirts! More importantly, this prompted change in the dress code.

My mom  wasn’t  quite  so fortunate. When  she was in high  school in tje the  late 1960s, she was sent home to change  when she violated  the “fingertip rule” and wore a too-short skirt to school. She didn’t  bother walking  back to school  that day.

Other  dress codes I’ve  had:

  • Dress pants/khakis (no denim)
  • Hose/knee highs/trouser socks for women (no regular socks) – thankfully  I didn’t  have  to  deal  with  this for too long…
  • No uncovered   tank tops/camisoles/no exposed shoulders, midriff, etc.
  • No hoodies
  • Polo shirts (really disliked that one…they are flattering on no one and too heavy to wear in a high-activity  job)
  • No sneakers/ running shoes  (me and others  on my “team” are exempt from this as support staff)
  • No logo/screen print  shirts (except company logos)
  • Wearing  certain  colors  on certain  days

A new dress code takes effect  soon. It’s  basically  black tops/bottoms with a “splash” of one other “designated” color. Denim  will be allowed as long as it’s  black.

Wouldn’t  you know it…I just bought  a  pair of new grey pants not too long  ago!

Oh the tyranny… (lol)! Let’s  see if this even gets enforced! If some of you could  see what the “kids” are wearing to job interviews – and work -these days you’d  scratch  your heads! Is a hoodie and ripped jeans ensemble ever a good choice  for wearing to an interview?



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