Oscar Nominations For 2020 Coming Soon! Time To “Roll The Dice!”

The 2020 Oscar nominations will be announced Monday, January 13. Some folks are pretty excited about that, I’m sure! Will recent Golden Globe winner Taron Egerton get a nomination for playing Elton John in Rocketman? Musical biopics seem to translate into Oscar gold these days, don’t they (vis a vis Bohemian Rhapsody)? What’s next – a biopic about Nikki Sixx from Motley Crüe (I’d watch the f— out of that…and it should be called Kick Start My Heart). Because that’s really what they had to do when he took too many drugs that one time (but I digress). Will The Irishman get any love? What about Renee Zellweger – will she get a nomination for playing Judy Garland in the aptly named Judy? It’s a musical biopic, after all!

I’ve heard some good buzz about that Adam Sandler movie Uncut Gems. Will it…or won’t it?


Adam Sandler takes a more serious turn in Uncut Gems. Will this R-rated hit snag an Oscar nomination for this guy?

It’s an exciting time for me, too! That’s when I get to dig out my “bones” (gamer speak for a bag of multi-sided dice) and “predict” which films/people/other things will win Oscars on Sunday, February 9! In 2019, my die rolls “predicted” five winners correctly! You can read more about that here. My die rolls predicted four correct winners in 2018, which you can read about here.

Here’s how I did it in past years: I rolled a D10 to determine the best picture winner (even though I do think 10 nominees for best picture is WAY too many) – and used a D6 to roll for the other nominees. If I rolled a six, I would re-roll until getting a a number 1-5. That’s because I don’t have a 5-sided die. It’s not an exact science – but then… is picking Oscar winners an exact science? I rest my case!


From left to right – a 10-sided die and a six-sided die. To take a look at how my die rolls have fared in predicting Oscar winners in the past couple of years, click here.

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