Guess What I’m Working On Now?

Greetings, blog readers! It’s THAT time of year again! NFL playoffs? Yes, but I wasn’t thinking of that! Golden Globes? No, I wasn’t thinking of that, either! Oscar nominations? Yes, but I wasn’t thinking of that, either!

So…what time of year is it again?

To start dreaming up my annual “birthday trivia questions! No, they’re not questions about me (though a couple might be about me) – but they’re mainly about the things that interest ME!

This has become an annual tradition that started in 2016. I actually stole the idea from my recently departed dear friend Archie – who held a birthday party at his house – and served up questions he’d written to his guests. The questions were about Michigan football, music, soccer and other miscellaneous topics. His Michigan football “buddies” did the best on his question set – but I was a close runner up (doing the best out of the “non football” people).

I stole the idea a couple of years later – and Archie (a part-time DJ) – served as the “emcee” – and read the questions I’d written to my partygoers! It was always a hoot to hear him read my “profane movie quotes” questions (you’re always going to see at least one question in THAT category).

I tend to invite “trivia” folks to this sort of party – and include people I’ve played trivia with – and against – over the years. I give out gift card prizes to the winners – and everyone else, too! Everyone walks away with some sort of “prize” at these things! I allow players to play as teams – or by their bad selves.

I haven’t decided whether I’m doing a live event this year again or not…but it’s looking possible! Don’t worry, blog readers – you’ll all still be kept in the loop –  and I’ll post the questions here, too! As an added bonus – my blog followers will have an edge in answering some of the questions – since they are based on my favorite topics! Some of which I’ve already blogged about…

That’s about all I have to report about this for now…

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