Trivia Recap – January 9, 2020 – Tower Inn

“Everyone’s hot in a Guy Ritchie movie.”

This was a snippet of conversation we had during our trivia game Wednesday at Tower Inn. It all started with Brad seeing a commercial on TV for the new “Dolittle” movie starring Robert Downey Jr. He said, “Why did they make this movie?”

So I did my best to answer him:

“Because it has talking animals in it – and will probably make a lot of money overseas, especially China.”

Then Brad mentioned that he really liked RDJ in the “Sherlock Holmes” movies. To which I said, “Oh yeah. RDJ was SO hot in those movies (so many shirtless fighting scenes). But then, everyone’s hot in a Guy Ritchie film.”


Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes.

I guess the character “Brick Top” (villain from Guy Ritchie’s movie Snatch played by Alan Ford) might be an exception! He was SUCH a great villain in Snatch – but I wouldn’t call him “hot” (but to each their own, really). On second look, those glasses really are kind of sexy in a nerdy way (hmmmm)!  His best quote from Snatch, IMHO, goes like this:


Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… me.

I guess I SHOULD tell you all how the game went! We posted our highest-ever My Trivia Live score with 75 points – just one point shy of a perfect game! None of us were really all that bummed about it…it just gives us something to try again later! We won a $30/first place prize.

And let’s get to the questions, shall we? Assume they’re all abbreviated (yada yada):

Round One

1. Companies – Boeing has nearly 770,000 employees working in which Northwest state?

2. Disney – To mark its 30th anniversary in November 2019, what movie was presented as a live concert production on ABC?

3. The Human Body – What word is paired with “ball” in reference to the human body? And of COURSE a couple of “filthy” options were brainstormed in addition to the right thing we needed to put on our slip…

Round Two

1. Kid Franchises – Fill in the blank of this popular kids’ book series – “Diary of a (blank) Kid?”

2. Wake Up! What is the name of the bugle call used to wake up troops? Queue up memories of Mike’s army dad singing this loudly off key in the mornings to wake up his kids! You haven’t lived until you’ve heard this…

3. Literature – New Yorker writer Joseph and Gone With the Wind writer Margaret both share what last name? For three bonus points, what was the name of the William Golding novel where you would find the chapter, “The Shell and the Glasses?”

Round Three

1. Peanut Butter – Owned by Hormel Foods, what peanut butter brand uses the web domain “peanutbutter dot com?” Dammit, Mike and I only eat “store brand” peanut butter – Brad is a Velvet peanut butter fan – and Evan’s… allergic to tree nuts! AND THIS WAS OUR ONLY MISS OF THE GAME.

2. Fears – What is someone afraid of if they have Acrophobia?

3. TV Reboots – What 2019 reboot of a ’90s Fox drama series features heightened versions of the main characters? Mike (of all people) pulled the correct guess out of the ass…

Halftime – Fire Prevention

What do the letters PASS stand for when referring to fire extinguishers?

I don’t know HOW we came up with all of these correctly…but we did.

This put us first at the half with 39 points out of four teams.

Round Four

1. World Capitals – What New Zealand capital is located on the South end of its North Island?

2. Word Origins – What word from Greek means “people loving?”

3. Grammar – What part of speech are words such as “a,” “and” and “the?”

Round Five

1. Decades – In what 20th century decade did the Scopes Monkey Trial occur?

2. Vegetables – What vegetable is the basis for the Russian soup Borscht?

3. Women’s History – Women’s suffragist Lucy Stone was known for having done what specific thing – which was infrequent for women to do at the time – but has become more frequent for women to do after getting married? Yes, the conversation turned a bit…off color again here (sigh…boys…go fig) – but we still got the right guess here (nice work, Mike)!

Round Six

1. Sports – Tauromaquia translates into what sport’s name in English?

2. World Leaders – Kevin Rudd served as prime minister of what country – from 2007 to 2010 – and again in 2013? Brad and Evan were both split between two countries, one of which was correct – but we didn’t want to risk getting it wrong, so we used our “word of the day” here (which was “repudiated).” For the record – Evan’s guess was correct, not Brad’s!

3. On the Highway – What country controls the Autobahn? And after typing this, I just HAD to queue up the Kraftwerk song! Which…I think…was one of the first electronic songs ever recorded.

We held onto our lead heading into the final with 75 points – fourteen points ahead of our nearest competitors.

Final question category – Streaming Music

Of Spotify’s most-streamed songs, which one is the only one on the list to have not been released in the 21st century – and was a top-streamed song during two different decades?

We were kind of confused by this question….we discussed two different possibilities – including the RIGHT answer – but I think you can guess how this shook out!

Nope…we missed this, but didn’t wager. No teams got this.

And this concludes our trivial pursuits for the week! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Brick Top!






One thought on “Trivia Recap – January 9, 2020 – Tower Inn

  1. Round One – Washington, The Little Mermaid, socket
    Round Two – wimpy, reveille, Mitchell/lord of the flies
    Round Three – Skippy, heights, Beverly hills 20210

    Halftime – Fire Prevention
    What do the letters PASS stand for when referring to fire extinguishers? Pull, aim, squeeze, sweep

    Round Four – wellington, philanthropist,articles
    Round Five – 1920s, beets, keeping maiden name
    Round Six – bullfighting, Australia, germany
    Final answer: bohemian rhapsody

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