Are Ypsilanti, MI Trivia Spots Dropping Like Flies?

So it seems another  Ypsilanti spot has dropped out  of  the  trivia scene – Powell’s Pub  is off  “indefinitely.”

Red Rock, B-dubs, Wurst Bar, Maiz, Tower Inn (two different  leagues) and now Powell’s is out.

Tower Inn came back in October, 2019 – but how  long will it stay? TBH, I’m  not  that  confident.

If it dries up, it dries up. We  won’t  play mtl games anywhere  else. We won’t  drive to Canton, Ann Arbor, or Saline. Even if Powells  didn’t  dry up we up we  wouldn’t  play there regularly   again   (that  ship has sailed). McShane’s  doesn’t  interest us in either  location.

If Tower  Inn fails, we’ll  just focus on playing Sporcle spots til another MTL spot opens up. If this means my team can’t  qualify for semis, so be it. I’m  fairly certain  I’ll still find a team whom will have me as a “hired gun.” I have  lots of connections in both leagues – and have a “reputation” (for good or for bad LOL). I may not be the hottest trivia  commodity out  there, but  I  have a tendency  to say “yes” when asked to play, so at least  I’m  a warm body 😂

In the meantime, we’ll  play at Tower Inn as long as we can!


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