Yay! The Patriots Aren’t In Super Bowl LIV!

A thousand pardons in advance to any New England Patriots fans out there who read/follow this blog.

Sorry the Patriots didn’t make the Super Bowl this time! I’m sure you’re all bummed about it. It’s sad when your team doesn’t make it, isn’t it? I should know – I live in Michigan – and the Detroit Lions NEVER make any real noise in football! The Detroit Tigers haven’t won a World Series since 1984 – when I was…12!


All apologies aside…I’m still happy the New England Patriots lost in their playoff bid for the Super Bowl. I just might be one of the few heterosexual females in the U.S. who doesn’t drool over Tom Brady. I’m being totally serious here, folks  – he really does nothing for me. I’m just not that into “pretty boys.”  I was more aroused watching the Maryland Terrapin basketball cheerleaders in a game that was going on at the same time! Let’s be realistic, people – it’s not just women drooling over Tom Brady, is it? I’m sure plenty of guys have “man crushes” on Mr. Brady!

I have no real “reason” for my schadenfreude other than a desire to see a Super Bowl with different teams in it who haven’t won the Super Bowl multiple times already (the Steelers aren’t in it either). Hell, this just might be a Super Bowl I’m actually excited about tuning in for! Maybe there’s a little “underdog” appeal for me, too.

I’d love to see the Vikings at the “Big Dance.” Why? I like purple! And I like horned helmets! I think those are pretty “legit” reasons! 🙂

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