Welcome to 2020! New Year, New Trivia Plans (Well, Sort Of)…

So another new year has begun. The year 2020 marks the eighth year my trivia team – Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods – has been playing pub trivia games competitively.

Our 2020 plans include continuing our weekly My Trivia Live games Wednesdays at Tower Inn. It’s a close location for three of our regulars, Evan can make it to some of the games, Brad can ride his bike, we’re doing well at winning prizes here, and they keep it nice and warm in the winter there! That last factor is an especially important factor for Mike (he gets so chilly sometimes)!  Interestingly enough, we also played Sporcle Live games this time last year at Tower Inn, too (though Sporcle wound up calling off their Tower Inn scene a couple of months later)! So we’re starting two consecutive years playing regular trivia games in the same place – with two different trivia companies (stranger things have happened)!

We’ll also continue doing Sporcle Live games too, but not in any one spot each week (the 21-week season format doesn’t work well for smaller teams like ours – though we gave it the old college try during the latter half of 2019). We wound up feeling like caged animals after “almost” finishing a 21-week season last year. After losing our spot as venue leader at Sticks after…19 or 20 weeks – and learning we wouldn’t have enough players for the December semifinals – we just decided we’d say “f— this” and started playing when – and where – we wanted to play for the rest of the year! Mike and I wound up getting spots on a friend’s semifinal team, but sadly, they didn’t advance to finals (we wouldn’t have been able to drive to Lansing anyway).

As for which Sporcle Live spot we play in a given week (if any)? That will depend upon player availability, work schedules, moon phases, whether or not we “feel” like playing, whether or not we have any better offers and too many other variables to list here! It’s fairly certain we’ll be poking our heads into the Sticks trivia scene (Mondays and/or Thursdays) and when the groundhog gives the go-ahead, maybe even check out Original Gravity’s trivia scene, too! Games at OG will likely be very, very rare occurrences – and only occur when weather is decent (OG has been a “warmer weather” only trivia spot for us since the beginning because of its distance from where we live). The most important factor will be whether or not I can have the car for the night (LOL)! Oscar’s in Saline might be a very, very occasional trivia spot, too.

What about Powell’s? Uh, PROBABLY not! But never say never again, as James Bond said (wait…did he really say that or was that just the name of one of his non-canon films)? Hmmm…I digress…

Michigan weather is definitely a force to be reckoned with! I usually call off games when there is a snowstorm – even if the games are close by. It’s just not… worth it.

Bye weeks for MTL might also give our team a chance to revisit other spots, too (especially on Wednesdays).

Though we had quite a few more of us when we started out playing trivia games in 2012, we have only four “regulars” in our current rotation now – me, Mike, Brad and Evan. Joel has moved to California and is only rarely in Michigan when he visits family, and Dave has recently married and moved out of town. To compensate for our lower numbers,  I stay fairly well connected with enough other trivia players from other teams, that we *usually* can  borrow players when we need them for tournaments. This means we have quite a long list of “guest stars” who have backed up our team in the past several years. Sadly, we lost one of our most frequent – and reliable –  guest stars in 2019 – when our dear friend Archie lost his battle with cancer in August. We gave a new guest star – Phil – a chance to prove his worthiness in a tournament in December, 2019 – and since we won third place/$500? Mission accomplished! He meshed quite well with a…strange group of individuals whom he barely knew, kept his cool when the going got tough and came through with some obscure answers to questions that would’ve stumped the rest of us. If he doesn’t wind up playing with his own team the next time my team is in need of players for a tournament, I’d definitely ask him to join us again!

I’m  also going to continue to keep my sights set on finding potential new “guest stars” for 2020 – or giving previous guest stars a chance to help us again.

That’s about it for this silly little trivia team update.  Maybe I’ll see some of YOU in our upcoming trivia battles! But if you don’t manage to see us, do the next best thing – and continue stalking this blog! This is the ONLY place to get up-to-the-minute updates on the fascinating adventures of me and my ragtag trivia team (JK)! Thanks – as always – for stopping by!


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