What’s Happening In “Pleasantville” Today?

My “winter  break” is off to  a  very  relaxing start in Mount Pleasant, MI! We had some tasty beers  in a new taproom last night, had a soak  in the hot tub, and we just had breakfast. We’re  going to check  out some Central Michigan University  campus sites  in just a bit, and later we’ll  be meeting my  husband’s  parents for lunch.

Tonight, we’ll  be going  to “The Bird,” a downtown “dive” bar that was one of our  favorite haunts in college. They have some killer happy  hour deals that vary from day to day, like $4 Miller Lite pitchers.

I wasn’t  even a beer  drinker when I was in college, though I drank plenty of lighter  fluid grade vodka, Boones  Farm, and even…Zima!  The whole “craft” beer movement  had barely even begun. Back  then, I thought  the “macro” beers were pretty…gross. Later, I would become kind of a “beer snob” and only drink craft beer – though  I have relaxed this stance somewhat in recent years. Labatt and Molson are my favorite  “beer flavored beers,” though  I’ll  occasionally  drink Miller Lite, too.

Craft beer is still what I like best  – I particularly  like Atwater’s Dirty Blonde and Shorts  Soft Parade. I’m  a fruity gal, what can I say? 😂 I like to keep it simple and  easy drinking most of the time, though occasionally  I’ll  have something  hoppy or more bold,  like a Bell’s  Two Hearted (which will get the job done quickly).

We’ll  have  to leave “Pleasantville” tomorrow, but we’ll  visit one of Mike’s uncles first. He’s  a very laid back “country fellow,” always  very friendly. A guy who loves his Strohs beer!

I’ll  end this  pointless  blog with an observation  – Strohs –  is Shorts  backwards!

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