No Trivial Pursuits Tonight…(December 30, 2019)

I’ve called off plans to go out for a trivia game tonight. Why? I just don’t feel like it!

I’m not sick…I just feel more like hanging out with my friends without questions being blared out overhead.

New Year’s Eve is TOMORROW! Now THAT is a holiday I can really look forward to! It’s my husband’s birthday on New Year’s Day, so New Year’s Eve is like a “pregame!”

I haven’t had a real break from work since late October – and that was ruined by my getting sick. Just one more shift and then…vacation!

I’m in the midst of trying to figure out what places we’ll visit on our trip to Mount Pleasant. First? Figure out which places are still open and will be open during our visit!

Thanks for visiting this site to read recaps of trivia games, updates about games, updates about my team and everything else over the past year. Have a happy new year, everyone!

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