End Of Year Recap 2019 – Trivial Pursuits (By The Numbers)

As of this posting, me and my trivia team have played in 90 total “regular” trivia games for the year 2019 (not including semifinal or final tournament games). This means we played, on average, 7.5 times per month and just under twice per week. Our total prize winnings (including $500 in a December tournament) for the year was $1,745, which averages out to about $19 each night we go out to play.


One of our most common “configurations” at any given trivia night – me, Brad and Mike, aka the “Three Amigos.” This photo was taken at the Wurst Bar, which no longer offers trivia nights.

Our average nightly score over the course of the entire year for Sporcle Live games is about 87 points. Our average nightly score for My Trivia Live games (based on only four scores) is about 65 points.

So where did we wage most of our trivia battles?

  • Sticks (41 times)
  • The Owl – Morning Til Night (11 times)
  • Original Gravity (nine times)
  • Tower Inn (nine times)
  • McShane’s Pub (five times)

Other spots we played included the Corner Brewery, Haymaker Ann Arbor, Johnny’s Grill, Oscar’s, Powell’s and BJ’s. That last bar was a bit “out of the way,” but I had nostalgic reasons for wanting to play there in June.

2019-04-20 14.09.05

My trivia team wasn’t in contention in the MTL league for the first part of 2019. A friend asked me to be her “stunt double” and join her team in a semifinal game (pictured here at Randy’s Bar in Dearborn Heights in April, 2019). I am pictured with the “Squirrels” team (Brian, Greg and Laura). This “foursome” came VERY close (just one spot away) to finishing in the cash prize zone at the finals, but it was not to be!

In addition to the “regular season games,” we – or members of my team playing as “hired guns”  – also played in five semifinal games (three My Trivia Live, two Sporcle Live) and in two “finals” games (both MTL). Of those two finals games, we finished in the top four both times (placing fourth in the April 27 MTL finals and placing third/winning $500 in the December 14 MTL finals).

The most “common” number of players we had at a  regular season trivia night in 2019 was three – with us having three players at a trivia game 44 times this year. We had two players –  or four players 16 times each, and only six times did we have five players or more. Four times we had one player waging trivia battle as a “soloist” – May 1 at the Corner Brewery, May 8 at The Owl, May 23 at Original Gravity and October 24 at Original Gravity.

My main “regulars” are myself, my husband Mike, our “best mate” Brad, and rounding out our “Fab Four” is Evan. He ascended from “guest” player status while we were playing at a game at The Owl in August. Although he had been a virtual “regular” and had helped us at quite a few Sporcle Live tournaments since August, 2017 – he still needed to be “initiated!” In this case, he was initiated by blowing 10 points on a NBA question – and keeping his cool about it! We still went on to win a second place prize in the game. From that point on, he became an “official” part of our team!

We also had our “part timers” Dave and Joel backing us up in a few games in the past year, and some guest players that Evan brought. Archie played with us one last time in February, and Kim joined us for a couple of games. A couple of other “guests” included Scott C. and Phil D., whom both play on a “friendly rival team.”

The “trivial pursuits” will continue into 2020, with us playing My Trivia Live games every Wednesday at Tower Inn as long as games continue there. My husband likes the MTL format better than Sporcle, and it’s also a format that Brad is very strong in (though Brad doesn’t really  have a “preference” for which company he prefers). I like to joke with them both about how they don’t even really “need” me in most MTL games! I think they’d do just fine on their own as a duo, but neither of them want to play without me (bless ’em)!

I just like keeping the troops happy! I like playing a mixture of games in both leagues, so I’ll continue finding ways to do that. I still like to squeeze in a solo game every now and again when I get to have the car, too!

Our next trivia game is Monday, and it will likely be our last trivia game of 2019…

I hope everyone has a nice New Year! I’m looking forward to having SIX DAYS OFF beginning Wednesday!


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