Allow Me To Introduce You To “Diana!”

I’m finally using my new laptop, which my dear husband set up for me Saturday evening. Aside from my dropbox account on my tablet that I can’t seem to synch with the new hotness (because of an old e-mail address I no longer have access to), everything seems to be running smoothly!


I hear tell my new Hewlett Packard laptop is powerful enough to launch a space shuttle (though I’m not going to be doing that anytime soon). Unless….!


Here’s Diana! She has a touch screen, won’t recognize my old Dropbox and has all sorts of bells and whistles I haven’t figured out yet. Her desktop photo is one my husband shot at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor.

I’m not a person who views vehicles, machines and other non-living objects as mere objects. Sometimes “things” warrant having names! My husband’s old Ford Escort was dubbed “Little Guy,” our old Ford Taurus was the “Silver Ghost,” my Buick LeSabre was named “Herbert,” and our Chevy Malibu is “Sylvia.”

My old Toshiba laptop was named “Joshua” after the guy’s son in Wargames. I thought about naming the new device “Joshua 2,” but a female name seems more appropriate for this machine! It’s sleek, it’s elegant and she loves to be touched all over (LOL)!


Diana Prince, AKA “Wonder Woman” (as played by Gal Gadot). Are you thinking about touching her all over? Careful, she will kick your ass if she doesn’t want you to do it!

So I’ve decided upon “Diana.” There are multiple references you can think of here – Diana the Princess of Wales, Diana the hunter from mythology, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s human persona), and my nerdy husband claims Diana was the only female name ever given to a “Bolo” (giant sentient tank) in a sci-fi universe created by Keith Laumer.

If you’re a Twin Peaks nut, there was also a “Diane” that Agent Dale Cooper was constantly talking to (via a tape recorder). Viewers learned later that Diane was a real person!

Well, I have to get back to figuring out how to launch a space shuttle…now where did I write down those launch codes?

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