First Place Tower Inn Tonigh! Also – Possible PhotoShop Project?

We won first place/ $30 at Tower Inn tonight!

Also, a trivia  host  says the reason  the “check” photos  haven’t  been posted  from the recent  tournament  is because  of…politics. All of the cash teams played in bars  with  the  same  trivia  host, who expressed concerns  about the trivia  league  participating  in a fundraiser  for an anti-gay charity. She  suspects  this is why  the photos  haven’t  been  posted.

So my artist  husband  may be doing  some PhotoShopping! Guy who played  with us Saturday  will be transposed  into pic of us with tourney  check  from 2017.

Husband  says  he can’t  do it, but I don’t believe  him  for a nanosecond!

Sigh..the ONE TIME I didn’t  hand off my camera to take a team  pic when we won cash! #trustnoone #ifyouwantsomethingdonerightdoityourself #savethetriviadramaforyourmama

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