Hello! Is It Me You’re Looking For?

I must  apologize, dear blog readers, as it’s  8 pm  Eastern time and  it’s  my first  chance  to say hello  to you today! Forgive me, I had quite  a dreadful day of work (more like a whole week, really)…I got home from work, freshened  up a bit, and immediately  hit up a happy  hour. Crappy holidays! My husband  was lucky enough to win a $10 gift card in a random drawing  at Aubrees  tonight, woot!

So what do I have  to say? Well, my trivia blokes and I are hitting  up a trivia  tourney  Saturday,  and we’re  all really  pumped! I’m  even  trying  to get  our   “fourth  man” pumped up, too (I did my best Vince  Lombardi  impression  not long ago). Go Pods!

In other news? My husband  and I will be doing  a one night  stay in a local luxury hotel next Tuesday  night! Hot…tub! Drinks in the lounge can’t  wait… I need some honest  to goodness relaxation.

Pardon me, I must get  back to watching  “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Sigh…yes…I have  crushes  on Taron Egerton, Mark Strong and Pedro Pascal!

Nighty night! And can I get a “Go Pods?” No?

That’s  OK, I understand! May  the best team win! 😉


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