Trivia Recap – December 12, 2019 – Tower Inn (Ypsilanti, MI)

“Christopher Walken in a Winter Wonderland.” Are you picturing this? It might be helpful if you’ve seen the 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow since Walken’s character – “The Hessian” – is seen walking around in in the snow a lot before he [SPOILERS AHEAD] – becomes the Headless Horseman. Why am I bringing this up? One, ’tis the season for holiday songs (and for me to parody the lyrics)! Two, Christopher Walken…does one NEED  an excuse to bring up Christopher Walken? More cowbell? Watch in the ass scene from Pulp Fiction? Oscar  winner (best supporting actor) for The Deer Hunter?  I didn’t think so! Three, this was the team name we used Wednesday for our My Trivia Live game at Tower Inn. We think it’s a pretty darn good trivia team name to use this time of year! I’m calling it a “keeper!” #suckerforpuns #punsarethelowestformofhumorwhichisexactlywhyilikethem


Christopher Walken in a winter wonderland…

Our “three amigos” trio of ‘Pods (me, Mike, Brad) –  met for our trivia fixes Wednesday  – we won a second place/$20 prize – we wagered wisely enough to land in the prize zone, but our brains just couldn’t come up with the correct final answer about game shows (that’s a topic you either know – and may even be obsessed with- or you don’t know about it – and are not obsessed with the topic). Guess which category describes our team?

In news of the weird – we got another MATH question correct during the game – and the person knowing the answer was the person on our team whom is usually least likely to know answers to trivia questions about math! A similar thing happened in last week’s trivia game! Does this mean it’s becoming  a trend? Nah!

And now…the questions – please assume they are all abbreviated versions of the questions presented to us during the game.

Round One

Web Sites – Wookieepedia is an informational web site about what sci-fi franchise?

Pizza – Typically, what is stuffed into the crust of a stuffed crust pizza?

At the Gym – If you’re doing “reps” at the gym, what is the word “rep” an abbreviation for?

Round Two

Children’s Songs – A recently released  new version of “The Alphabet Song “(which has gone viral) – recently caused an outcry among some people because it clarifies which specific five letters – which are typically jumbled together by children when they’re reciting the alphabet? Ah the things people get upset about! Some kids don’t even learn cursive writing or know how to read an analog clock (sheesh)!

College Football – Meeting in battle 112 times since 1898, which team – Michigan or Michigan State – has been victorious the most?

Relatives – What is the name given to the relative that is your brother’s sister’s mother’s brother? Yes, this is how the question was worded (I didn’t abbreviate this one). Three point bonus question – what is the name for the animal – similar to the chimpanzee – which is considered the closest living relative to a human? Got this for the points plus the bonus.

Round Three

Organizations – What does the letter W stand for when referring to the organization called NOW, which was founded in 1966? Pssst, it’s not wombats….

TV News – What anchor recently departed from Fox News as an afternoon anchor, after having been with the network since its inception?

Politicians – What 2004 candidate was thought to have derailed his own campaign for president because of his “scream speech?”

No misses leading up to the halftime round…

Halftime –

Given the clues, ID the name of the U.S. state named battleships.

H1 – Bombed during the attack of Pearl Harbor

H2 – Official site of the Japanese surrender during World War 2

H3 – Its 1898 sinking led to the Spanish American War

H4 – First American battleship commissioned in the 1890s

Missed #4.

We had 36 points going into the second half and were tied for first with another team called Hot to Trot.

Round Four

Poetry – The poem containing the lines “The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have miles to go before I sleep” is titled Stopping by Woods on a (blank) Evening? I had to memorize and recite this in seventh grade English class!

Looney Tunes – What other name was Tweety Bird called before being named Tweety Bird?

Famous Couples – What future married couple appeared in a General Electric Theater production called “A Turkey for the President” in 1958? Miss.

Round Five

Islands – The Maori island of Whakatane is the location in the world where the first people can see the sun rise. What country does this island belong to?

Slogans – In November, 2019, what grocery chain unveiled its new blue and white logo including the words “Fresh for Everyone?” We thought of the right chain, but decided to use our “get out of jail” opportunity and put in “jurisprudence” (which was MTL’s word of the day).

Universities – McGill University is located in which Canadian province? “Canada Man” (aka Brad) all over this…

Round Six

Bond Men – Which actor who played James Bond was born in County Meath in Ireland? Miss (I hang my head in shame)….

Chess – The movements in chess are based on what mathematical concept which uses alphanumeric coordinates? Yup, I managed the right guess on this and the other two guys went with it…what IS this madness? Me knowing maff? I got a trigonometry question correct in  one of last week’s game, and get this one right? #signoftheapocalypse

Sigh…maybe one day a trivia question in the “Chess” category will be about the stage musical! You may say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one. Did you know that the actor who played Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is singer Murray Head’s brother (he’s also not a bad singer in his own right)?

Seasonal Stores – What department store is the focus of the story of Miracle on 34th Street?

Only three misses in the entire game…

We were in second with 66 points going into the final behind Hot to Trot, which had 68 points.

Final Category – Game Shows

What two celebrity-paneled game shows were merged together and aired 60 minute shows for nine months in 1983?

We got one of the shows correct, but not both…wagered conservatively. Team in first got it correct, we got second place.

Our final trivia “act” of this week will be the My Trivia Live finals Saturday at the Library Pub in Novi. This is the first finals featuring our team AS our team – and not “guests” of other teams! We, like the other 30 some-odd teams in the room, will all be eyeing one of the cash prizes (but aren’t expecting too much)!

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, the Headless Horseman! And Christopher Walken!





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