Sometimes A Work Week – Like the Beat – Just Goes On…and On…

This is starting  to feel  like one of those work weeks  that JUST WON’T  END!

I know, I know, it’s  all in my head.

I’m  just getting  burned out on going  to work, working my ass off and attempting in vain (some days more vainly  than  others) – to recoup  my energy. I’m  burned out  and so, so need a break. Right now, I’m  washing  my “work clothes” so I have clean things  to wear  to work tomorrow! Isn’t  that  exciting?

I’m resting up before tonight’s  trivia game. I’ll post a recap  of that  game Thursday after 4:30 p.m.

Speaking  of trivia, we may shake  up our trivia  routines the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s  because  of holidays falling on our  game day Wednesdays. I haven’t  figured anything  out yet, but it’s  possible  we’ll  play Monday or Thursday  on those  weeks  instead. I can see if Kim wants  to do Face the Music  at the Bench Pub (if that’s  still going on). I still have  a $30 gift certificate  to use  that can only be used on food  and non booze (IKR).

I hope tonight’s  trivia game doesn’t  suck!



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