Greetings, Blog Readers (December 10, 2019)!

I hope I haven’t  been letting you all down  by being so quiet on the blog front. I *plan* to get a new laptop next week, which  should mean  that blogging will be a bit  easier than typing  with my thumbs  on my Samsung  Galaxy  7 inch tablet like I am now (it’s  one of the smallest tablets  you can get – it’s  frequently mistaken for a large phone) – or using my husband’s fancy iMac  while he’s  not working.  I have  a  precious  day off in the middle of the week next week. And on that  day – If all goes  well, I’ll  buy  a new laptop. And I will name him Joshua 2. Remember  the movie War Games? Yep!

I also  plan to have someone  get my stuff from my old laptop, which will not boot up. I’ll  find a way to do it myself, or find a wizard who will do it.

In weird trivia  news, my husband met with a friend Monday to play  some Buzztime trivia – my husband  logged in as both himself and as me – and the other  guy also  logged  in as himself –  and his wife (neither wife was actually  present). Everyone  had a game win! Their bar  was in the top 10 nationally, as was a bar in Yellowknife (which of course you know is the capital  of Northwest  Territories in Canada). Trivia  night  in Canada!

I have a guy on my trivia  team named Brad whom I call “Canada Man” because  of his Canada knowledge. He had to miss a trivia tournament, so I tried  “studying up” on Canada before the tournament (I even  did a study blog which is on this site), but of course no Canada  questions  wound up  being  asked!

Now what’s  the capital  of New Brunswick again? Maybe I should look for that blog!

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