Trivia Plans This Week (December 9, 2019)

Two trivia  outings planned this week! Our  “team” game at Tower Inn Wednesday, and the MTL finals Saturday.

I’m  happy  we’ll  have “mostly” our  own crew this time  instead of being a hired gun. I was pleased  with how well our “loaner” meshed with my players, especially  he and Brad. His overall “chill” vibe  will be much welcomed  in a “high stakes” trivia setting.

I remember  having  a teammate getting too intense when we played  our  first trivia  tournament  at the Majestic Theater  in 2012. He stood behind me and basically grilled  me about state abbreviations, presidential  initials and whatever other components  we needed for the final question. I… buckled  under the pressure (rookie mistake).

And another exhausting  day is drawing  to a close…I’m  watching  old X Files episodes, and my husband left a bit ago to join someone for Buzztime trivia  at a local bar. I’ve  been on the couch since I got home from work.

On the up side, our new hire is actually  helping quite  a lot  with the various  “tasks” (many hands make light work). I blew out my left shoulder/elbow at work last week and my left arm is virtually  unusable  in terms of lifting any weight right  now. Where  can I get some robotic arms? I had ice on it last night…I’m  hearing  my work  load will be lighter  tomorrow   (get to work on jewelry  which weighs  virtually nothing).

There’s  no place  like YOUR home and YOUR couch for the holidays! #soverytired #seasonsbeatings #buybuybuy #everyoneelseschristmasmoreimportantthanyours #januarycantcomesoonenough


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