What’s Giving Me Holiday Joy Right Now? Kingsman Movies!

I’ve  very recently been made “hip” to the Kingsman  franchise. Wow…all I can say  is wow! What  took me so long?


Pedro Pascal as “Agent  Whiskey” in Kingsman: The Golden Circle


I love the two movies  so much – I want to own them. I love the whole “superspy” thing – the impeccable  outfits, the accents, the delightfully high   (bordering  on cartoonish) levels  of violence, the megalomaniacal villains…I told myself I wasn’t  going  to cry 😂 When Elton John goes  berserk on his captors in the second movie it’s  just…magically delicious!


Speaking of delicious (lol), the young star “Eggsy”  (Taron Egerton) seems poised to become  a  superstar.

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