From The You Might “Be A Nerd If” Files…

I was in  a  bar  last night while someone  was performing  a  live  cover  of I Want  a  Hippopotamus For  Christmas. And as it’s  not entirely  uncommon  for me to do, I did my own rewrite…

“I want a Hippolyta for Christmas…only the Queen of Amazons will do…”

Maybe I’ll  work on additional  lyrics today! Really…what’s  more ridiculous – wanting  a hippopotamus  for Christmas  – an unwiedly beast that would be astronomically  expensive to board and feed (and is vicious  enough to straight up kill you) – or wanting a mythological Amazon queen?

If you’re  anything  like Hercules, maybe you’ll  settle for Hippolyta’s girdle (though  I think that as the story of Hercules’ labors tells, he not only took  her  girdle  -but later took her life, too). Though that was because Hera had misled Hercules.

So here we have a woman who  happily gave up her girdle for Hercules – only to be killed by him later – because of Hera’s deceit.

Cautionary  tale about  being  careful  who  you give up your girdle (or panties) to!


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