Semifinals Saturday…

We’ll  be playing our  ninth  My Trivia  Live semifinal  game as a “team” tomorrow. Out of those games, we only managed to qualify for finals out of a semifinal four times. However, I’ve  been to eight total MTL finals. The first time was May, 2016 when we used another team’s  spot. Mike and I sat with another team in December 2018 and I sat with another  team in April, 2019. Last August, we attended  a finals just  for fun.

I’ve  also attended  a couple of semifinal games “just for fun.” I had fun at a such semifinal in December, 2018 thanks  to an “impromptu  partnership.” 😉

Saturday  we’ll  have our “three amigos” trio of me, Mike and Brad with a “plus one” joining us from a rival team that no longer plays as a “team” in the MTL league   (though  I kind of wish they would – let’s just say I have my… reasons).

I hope we advance, but as always, am not TOO hopeful that  we will. All we can do is play our best.

As always, stay  tuned to this  site for updates!

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