So What’s Next Now That “No Drink November” Is Over?

I attempted to drastically cut back on drinking  during the month  of November. It didn’t  “quite” work out to be a completely  booze free month, but…

I made some  real improvements! I’m  going  to try staying  committed  to doing as many booze free days  as possible. Even if it means staying  away from social  engagements  where it’s  not only tempting to drink – but for a person like me with some social  anxiety – essential  to drink. Case in point a friend’s memorial  party  last Sunday. Free drinks were given  to partygoers. I stayed  home (mainly because  I was exhausted) but also because  I wanted  to  stay  sober.

I’m  not planning  on doing “no drink December,” but  moderation will be the watchword!

I know I’m  doing  the right  thing  for my sanity, my health  and finances. It’s  not always easy, but  nothing worthwhile ever is – is it?

And with that a sober  goodnight!

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