Trivia Recap – December 3, 2019 – Sticks (Monday, Ypsilanti, MI)

It was just one of those nights that we THOUGHT would be good for going out for trivia. A crappy weekend was behind us, an even crappier month had floated away into the aether, and it had been quite a while since we hit up the Monday night trivia scene at Sticks. So we figured…why not?

Well, let’s talk a out the reasons why not, shall we (now that we actually did it and know better)! It’s not even that we finished one spot out of the money in game one (those things happen and we only had two players doing trivia battle). No, it wasn’t THAT. So what was it? Well, in a nutshell, it was…game two! It was easily our worst showing in a single Sporcle Live game that we had in quite a long, long time. I’ve said  this before about trivia games, and I’ll say it again (ahem) – pretend I’m wearing an expensive pant suit that allows me to slay the business world into submission, and I look like…a CEO or something (yeah, I’m having a hard time picturing me in this getup too – it sounds really binding and uncomfortable) – and I say:

It’s always a bad omen when me and my trivia team get trivia questions about…boy bands. It’s always a ‘tell’ that the whole trivia night is NOT going to go our way.

But this time – there was a twist (like the kind you might encounter in a M. Night Shyamalan movie) – we actually got the boy bands question RIGHT for 10 points! Sadly, that wasn’t enough to salvage the rest of game two, which consisted of way too many questions that our representative players just…didn’t know. It wasn’t that we didn’t REMEMBER the answers – it was just that we didn’t absorb the pop culture references necessary to know the answers (didn’t watch the right TV shows, listen to the right music, etc.). For example, “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” was COMPLETELY off our pop culture radar. Reminds me of that time they asked about…Flip Wilson. Error 404 – pop culture reference not found!


Without further whining and ado, how about some questions? They will be abbreviated versions of the questions asked during the game, not all qualifiers presented to players will be in the questions you are about to read and not all questions were written down word for word. In fact, assume NONE of them were written down word for word!

Game One

1. ’90s Films – What type of transportation is central to the plot of the 1994 movie Speed? Does anyone else remember that at the time, a lot of guys wanted to do the same hairstyle Keanu Reeves sported in the film?

2. Charities – What non-profit organization made up of more than 200 food banks is the second largest charity organization in the United States by revenue according to Forbes and was formerly called Second Harvest? FB clue.

3. Triangles – In a right angled triangle, which trigonometric function is equal to the length of the adjacent  side divided by the length of the hypotenuse? Initially, I tried leaning on my trivia “pardner” Mike for this one (he took way more advanced maff classes in school than me – a two-times algebra washout – took). But…he drew a blank, and wanted to write ??? on the  slip. No, no, no, no NO! I wasn’t going to have it – ALWAYS put in  something, even if it’s ridiculous, even if you know it’s not right…don’t turn in a blank slip (the horror)!  So, out of desperation I said, “How about (this word) – it sounds kind of triggish.”  He said, “No, that’s not it.” Guess what? We got it – but just for one!

4. Baseballs – In baseball scorekeeping,which defensive position is indicated  by the number six? Mike and I really tried on this one, but nope…

5. Books – What 1970 novel by Erich Segal was appropriately released on Valentine’s Day – ultimately spending most of the year on top  of the New York Times’ bestseller list? Now here’s what’s weird – this happened BEFORE I was born, but I was still…strangely all over this one. And we were the only team handing in an answer slip right away (which tells me that it might’ve been a stumper for the other teams). Me knowing this was  due to what I call “generational pop culture crossover,” which helps explain why people know about pop culture stuff happening before or right around when they’re born (I made up that expression). Also, my mother was a big fan of Mad magazine, and I remember reading the parody of this film adaptation in one of her old magazines (I still own all of her old Mads – though most no  longer have the covers on them).

6. T.V. Pets – What TV series featured a dog named Paul Anka in its sixth season beginning in 2005? The previous question was a pop culture “hit,” but this one was a…total miss (I have a feeling Evan might’ve known this one)!

7. Rhyming Phrases – What two-word rhyming expression coined by Allen Ginsberg in 1965 was a way to promote love and peace? You might be the child of a hippie…if you know this one!

8. World Capitals – Caracas is the capital of what South American country?

9. 2000s Hits – Name one of the two singles released by Nelly in 2002 that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Both for a bonus point. Nope…both of us a huge duh here.

10. Memes – What “Futurama” character is typically featured in the meme that most often includes the text,”Not sure if…?”

Mystery – This Day In History

On this day in…

M1 – 1972 – What group reached #1 on the  Billboard Hot 100 charts with “Papa Was a Rolling Stone?” When we heard this song later, we decided that it must’ve been a “good song to do drugs to.” Then we talked about possible drugs of which to partake while listening to this song – including Quaaludes, rufies, tranquilizers…then  we realized that we really, really didn’t know anything about early 1970s drugs! What’s the difference between a  Rufie and a ‘lude, anyway? Ah, keep it simple – just smoke some weed (it’s legal in Michigan now…but don’t ask me about the fine print – I’m way too much of a “square” to know any of that)! We missed this one…

M2 – 1942 – What Italian physicist produced the first nuclear chain reaction?

M3 – 1804 – Napoleon crowned himself Emperor in what cathedral?

M4 – 1939 – What airport opened in New York City and was renamed 14  years later?

#1 was our only miss. Now where are those tranquilizers?

We were in third with 55 points going into the final. The giant Stop The  Bus team was in first with 61.

Final Category – Board Games

Put the following board games in order according to their highest estimated playing time according to Board Game Geek, beginning with the shortest amount of time.
Battleship, Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble

Got it, but  so did enough teams ahead of us, so no prizes…


You might want to stop reading here!

Game Two

1. TV Title Characters – What TV title character was a high school phys ed teacher played by Mark Curry? The show was part of ABC’s “TGIF” lineup. Nope, nope, nope…

2. Phones – What type of Android powered smart phone was introduced in 2009 by Samsung? 5

3. Awards – The winners at the Teen Choice Awards are given custom made versions of what sports equipment intended to represent the freedom of summer vacation? What are “Teen Choice Awards?” Yeah, you know this pretty much came down  to guessing for us, which failed us…


I only know who the guy on the left is…(more about this in the next question).

4. Band Members – Name one member of the  boy band N’Sync whose  first name doesn’t begin with the letter J.  Name two for a bonus point. I knew this – only because I watched the  zombie/western/postapocalypse movie not too long ago that  FEATURED MEMBERS OF THIS BAND (drinks help). The movie wasn’t “great,” but it…really wasn’t bad, either! Got this shockingly enough for 10 (spoiler, this will be about 1/3 of the total points we would end up having going into the final).

5. Dances – The “Dirty Bird” is associated with Jamal Anderson – who played his entire career from 1994 to 2001 with what NFL team? We jotted down a short list of NFL teams with avian mascots, and one of them was right – but it wasn’t the one we put on our slip. Seriously…WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? Oh yeah…schadenfreude (I get it)!

6. Leaders – Since2018, Gina Haspel has  been the director of what agency  previously headed by Mike Pompey?

7. Comedy Films – Audio clip  of  two guys talking in a 2015 rom-com. Sadly, I suggested the right movie name here, but… #justnotourgametonight #whydidwegooutfortriviaanyway #ohthehumanity

8. Cats – (I was really really worried this question would be about the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway production – thank Old Deuteronomy it wasn’t) – What large cat is also called “The Ounce?” Would this be kind of like a Jersey Shore thing where they called that one guy  “The  Situation?” Choices are lion, tiger, snow leopard, cheetah. Got it…don’t know how I remembered this..yay points?

9. Video Games – What game system’s controller had a  hardware failure known as the “red ring of death?” Nope…

10. Schools – Of the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland, which one is the oldest, having been founded in 1069? Yay more points!
Will the mystery round help redeem  us (pssst…it will not)!

Mystery Round – Plant genus names

Identify the fruits grown  by plants bearing the following genus/species names. Is there a botanist in the house?

M1 – Malus domestica

M2 – Ananas comosus

M3 – Ficus carica

M4 – Vitis vinifera

We only got #4 correct.

We were predictably in last place heading into the final. A couple of teams were tied for first  with 60 points, one of them was called…Britney Spears (or  something like that).

Final Category – “Bad” Movies

Since 2010, Cameron Diaz, Johnny Knoxville, Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, and David Tennant have each starred in different films with two-word titles or subtitles beginning with the word “Bad”. Name 3 of the 5 words that complete the titles of those films.

By this point, we knew we weren’t going to salvage this game. Everyone handed in their slips fairly soon – we didn’t even stick around to see who won (we went downstairs to Aubree’s).

So what’s next? Our “team” game on Wednesday at Tower Inn. And a few days after that, a My Trivia Live semifinal game. Will we advance? Maybe…maybe not! Is that vague enough for ya? As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Paul Anka! The REAL Paul Anka, not  the canine Paul Anka!






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