Not A Great Trivia Night Tonight – But There Were A Couple Of Oddly Victorious Moments!

I always  like to say that  it’s  a bad omen when we get  a trivia  question about boy bands. And tonight’s game  proved this statement  to be true! However, not only  did we get the  question  correct  for 10 points, but I also strangely answered  a trigonometry  question correct   (but  only for 1 point). Please note  I am usually  “not it” when maff qs come up in trivia  games, and I said, “let’s put   (this  word), it sounds  like a trig word.” I always  like to  say it’s  better  to guess an answer  rather  than turn in a blank slip.

I think  we may have been the only team getting  a q right about an early  70s book in game  1.

Recap Tuesday after 4…

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