Ahhh…Time To Unwind!

I’m  done with  my long retail holiday shifts, Forensic Files is on the TV, and I’ll  finally  get  to see my family  tonight (I think). Oh, and I had leftover apple pie for breakfast. Apples are healthy…right?

I may do some  online  shopping  today. I have no desire to set foot in any stores this weekend  at all if I’m  not being paid to be in them!

Speaking  of stores, my husband  reports  that a Kroger  he visited  Friday while I was at work was…not busy. No waiting  for bottle returns! He picked up some delish poblano tomatillo salsa, chips and more seltzer water. Now if he’d  visited  the same store the night before Thanksgiving, it would’ve  been much more busy!

My dad is working today at the University  of Michigan game vs. their fierce rivals (the) Ohio State University. He works every  U of M home game in the “swanky seats”  area as an usher. It’s  a great  retired guy gig  for a huge Wolverine  fan!

Speaking  of Wolverines, Sunday we’re  attending  a memorial  for our friend Archie, who died in August.  It will be a casual  affair  at one of Archie’s favorite  watering holes.

That’s  about all I have to say  for now…

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