I Had A Feeling The Periodic Table Would Cause Trouble At The Trivia Tournament…

Trivia  players  in Lansing, MI  were laid low by yet  another  Periodic  Table  final question Sunday. Players  had to name Easternmost  U.S. capital city names  that  can  be spelled entirely  with chemical symbols. Four  teams out of 36 got it  right.

I recently  decided  to try  making  the Periodic  Table  a new trivia  “conquest.” It’s  really  not  a science  topic so much as a names and symbols topic. Most questions  just require  players  to know the names and maybe symbols  too.  Other  than the names mostly  being  foreign, it’s really  no different  than  memorizing state abbreviations  and state names.

I’ve  already started  a bit, but it will be easier when I have my own computer  again (soon)!


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