Trivia Recap – November 24, 2019 – Oscar’s (Saline, MI)

Apparently I don’t know the difference between a mulberry – and a boysenberry. Although I ate a nightshade berry when I was very young, so apparently my berry spotting abilities have been pretty faulty my entire life!

Boysenberry ⇓


Mulberry ⇓


That was just one of many things preventing me and a couple of other ‘Pods from having a decent Sporcle Live game in game one on Saturday at Oscar’s in Saline! The Facebook “clue” question was a photograph (first picture seen above) of what we “thought” were mulberries. Nope! So we blew some points on that question that should’ve been a gimme, blew 10 points on a question about an old timey song, missed a final question about ’80s music – well – let’s just say that game one on Saturday night was our “warmup game!” Saying that the first part/first half of a game is a “warmup game” is one of many ways we like to “spin” things when a trivia game doesn’t go our way, but sometimes those little lies we like to tell each other turn out to be true!

It was a pretty packed house when we walked into the bar on Saturday. It wasn’t a sports viewing crowd packing the place, but a large group of people who were doing some kind of fund-raiser for the Saline High School wrestling team. A couple of different people approached us asking if we wanted to donate to the cause.

As for the game, we won a second place/$10 prize in game two – but without burying the lede (brace yourselves, you’re not going to believe what you’re about to read) WE GOT A NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL QUESTION RIGHT IN GAME TWO! I know what you’re thinking… “No…really? You’re telling me that the ‘Pods got a NBA championships final question correct?” I don’t blame you if you think I’m lyin’, but yes, really! Apparently Evan pays attention to recent NBA championship winners. Did I ever mention the time he wanted to show up for a game early so he could watch the NFL draft on TV before the game? #someonesgottapayattetiontosportsballstuff

Please assume all questions will be abbreviated, and some qualifiers that may have been presented to us in the game didn’t wind up in my notes and won’t wind up in the questions you are about to read… I made very attempt to make questions clear with basic Internt searches (in other words, I did my best…deal with it if you don’t understand the questions, pretty please)…

Game One

1. Alternate Titles – What are the first seven words of (and also the alternate title of) the poem that is commonly referred to as “The New England Boys’ Song About Thanksgiving Day,” published in 1844 as part of Flowers for Children, which is a descriptive passage describing where they are headed? Yes, this question was convoluted…we missed this question by putting in one correct word for 10…

2. TV Hosts – Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are the hosts of what pastry-centered cooking show in the United Kingdom? Miss for 1.

3. Senators – Prior to being elected president, Barack Obama was a senator in what Midwest U.S. state? For a bonus point, name either senator serving in that state now. Missed the bonus.

4. World Cities – What African city is the most populous city in the world beginning with the letter “C?”

5. Films – Aside from documentary films and foreign language films, any films that are nominated for Academy Awards must play for at least seven consecutive days in a particular county containing what city? Miss.

6. Crosses – What berry is a cross among the European raspberry (Rubus idaeus), European blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), American dewberry (Rubus aboriginum), and loganberry (Rubus × loganobaccus)? I lifted this from Wikipedia, this was the Facebook clue question we missed.

7. Video Games – What first-person shooter video game originally released on Activision made $50 million when launched for a mobile version within one month of being released in 2019? Miss.

8. Poems – Dante’s The Divine Comedy’s three parts are Purgatorio, Paradiso and what third thing? Mike (who has read this multiple times) was all over this…

9. Sports Venues – By this point in the game, we were pretty much sure we weren’t going to be making any noise and winning any prizes. But Evan and I worked together on this next question and tried REALLY REALLY HARD to NOT miss it!

But the REAL reason I knew what state this had to be – was because of this blog. Who says that some of the silly blogs I write don’t wind up helping me remember stuff for trivia games?

What AFC East division team has played its home games at New Era Field since 1973? For reasons I can’t explain, I knew what state this field was in, and because Evan knows sportsball divisions and was able to eliminate a couple of other possibilities in the same state…bam – we got this. I know, I know – this is probably about as unbelievable as us getting the NBA final in game two! #strangethingsafootatthecirclek

10. Animals – Frogs, salamanders and newts are part of what class of animals, whose name derived from Greek means “having two modes of existence?”

Mystery – Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter or…both of them?

Given the movies and their release years, decide whether the individual actors were in the movies or whether they were both in the movies.

M1 – 2007, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

M2 – 2018, Oceans 8

M3 – 2005, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

M4 – Sleepy Hollow


A scene from movie #4

Got all of these (boy did we need all eight of these points)!

Scores – Twelve teams, scores ??? to 65, with ??? in first. We were in 10th with 45 points.

Final category – ’80s songs

Five songs that have the word “girl” or “girls” in their titles reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the 1980s, higher than “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Uptown Girl.” Name the credited artist or band for two of those five songs.

Nope…none of our guesses even closely resembled the right answers.

No teams got this correct, zero/low wagerers took the prizes.

???, 54, Let’s Get it For Pops, 56.

Game Two (spoilers – this game will go much, much better for us)

1. Words – What is the American word for what the British describe as a “lift?”

2. Brand Names – What brand name of canned pumpkin had an annoying jingle that went like this, When it says (blank, blank, blank) on the label, label, label, you will like it, like it, like it, on your table, table, table?”

3. Sitcoms – Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner played Zoe Deschanel’s parents in a 2012 Thanksgiving episode that appeared in a second season episode of what TV series?

4. Cheating – In 2019, a former player of what MLB team alleged that members of the team cheated by using technology to interpret and broadcast signals given by catchers on opposing teams? I know I didn’t even come close to writing this question down in its entirety. Miss.

5. Kids’ Books – What Norton Juster book features a character named Milo who saves princesses named Rhyme and Reason at the Castle in the Air? That DOES it! We’ve had enough questions about this book (missing every single one, for that matter) that I’m going to have to “assign” this book as reading to one of my players! I nominate Mike for this task (I assigned him the task of reading Peter Pan a couple of years ago, which he actually enjoyed doing, also he loves to read). Who says we don’t “study” a bit for trivia purposes? 🙂 Sigh…if only any of our players cared enough to remember anything about Emmy and Grammy awards (LOL)!

6. 60s Music – Audio clip of song that “sampled” a 1966 single, had to identify the band/artist recording the original song. My “name that tune” skills were crucial here (although Mike and Evan said the song I claimed it was was a bit lost in translation). Still got this…

7. Independence – In 1944, 99.5 percent of Icelandic citizens voted to establish independence from what Scandinavian monarchy? A bit of discussion here, but got it..

8. ’90s Films (Evan said he was really, really hoping this question would be about The Big Lebowski) – What 1996 disaster film had the slogan, “It will blow audiences out of the theater,” and featured a character named “The Extreme?” For a bonus point, name the actor playing this character. Again, a bit of discussion, but got this for both the points and the bonus.

9. U.S. Capitals – A two-word state capital name for what U.S. state is the longest two-word state capital name of all two-word state capital names in the United States?

10. Fads (I was hoping this question would be about pet rocks…close, but no cigar) – What 1970s fad featured rings with a thermochromic element that changed color based on the mood of the wearer?

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores – Ten teams, scores 39 to 61, with us in first. A solo “competitor” was in ninth with 44 points, which is an important plot point here, because their score determined how much WE would end up wagering! We correctly guessed that this player would wager it all and get the question correct (in the category of NBA Championships), so we wagered JUST ENOUGH to beat this player by ONE POINT if we got it correct. Which…we did! That only gave us a second place finish, but we did what we set out to do!

What is the current name of the NBA franchise to have most recently won an NBA championship while they were not based in their current location?

Lots of discussion, though Evan’s first guess wound up being correct.

Final standings – One is the Loneliest Number, 66, ‘Pods, 67, ??? (unsure who got first).

Until next time, which will be Wednesday at Tower Inn. Best of luck to teams competing at the state championship in Lansing today! Go Pods, and stay classy, Willy Wonka!






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