Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner…A Success!

I’m not the type of person who likes to say “Good job” to myself (really, I’m not). But I have to say “Good job” to me for cooking a fantastic pre-Thanksgiving dinner today! Ill be working all day on Thanksgiving and on “Black Friday,” so my husband and I wanted to do a nice dinner “our way.”

So…what was on the menu?


  • Turkey drumsticks (not pictured) – seasoned with a mixture of poultry seasoning, dried onion flakes, garlic powder, salt and freshly ground pepper. I put all of the spices/seasonings into a clear plastic bag and put the turkey legs in the bag to coat them with the spices. After that, I wrapped each leg in aluminum foil and cooked in an oblong slow cooker on the low setting for nearly 7.5 hours. My husband is a “leg man,” and now he has three legs for leftovers!
  • Artichoke stuffed chicken breast (pictured, store bought). Does this mean I’m a “breast girl?” Ahem…Kind of a “luxury thing,” but I bought just enough to have dinner today and maybe three servings of leftovers, so no waste. And it’s microwaveable!
  • Rutabaga/russet potato mash. I’m not on any weird fad diets like “keto” or anything, but I wanted to try “different” starchy vegetables for a special dinner. I had intended to do a turnip/russet mash instead, but the store I visited was…fresh out of turnips (IKR). So I used two rutabagas and two russet potatoes. I added a hot mixture of fresh sage, shallots, butter, milk, salt and freshly ground pepper to the mash. The recipe I used was for turnips and russet potatoes, but I “adapted” it and used rutabagas instead. View the recipe here.
  • Stuffing/dressing – Instead of cooking a pointless separate vegetable dish, I decided to let the stuffing (always one of my Thanksgiving favorites) BE the vegetable side dish! I steamed some broccoli/cauliflower and added it to a mixture of sauteéd baby bella mushrooms, shallots and fresh sage (all cooked in extra virgin olive oil). I used one bag of Pepperidge farm seasoned bread crumbs and a whole quart of hot low sodium chicken broth. And about three tablespoons or so of melted butter mixed in for flavor. My mom taught me years ago – “Make sure your stuffing is very wet before you put it in the oven.” This advice has never failed me when I make stuffing!
  • Mild cheddar cheese cubes and blue cheese stuffed olives. I don’t know why, but I ALWAYS want to have cheese cubes and olives on Thanksgiving! These olives were extra special ones we bought at Aldi.
  • Brown and serve dinner rolls with butter brushed on the tops.
  • Dessert – store bought blueberry pie and French vanilla ice cream.

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