My “Plans” For Black Friday 2019…


Me relaxing after a Black Friday shift in 2018…

I’ve formulated a “plan” for Black Friday this year. And no, this plan has NOTHING to do with shopping! I’ll be working all day on Black Friday, and my plans are to bring “street clothes” (as comfy as humanly possible) to change into after my shift. And my husband will be at the curb waiting to pick me up. And he will be taking me to a bar for some nice, numbing drinks…

I’ve made a concerted effort to cut back on drinking throughout the whole month of November. I’ve been a good, good girl.  But there is NO f—ing way I’m going to be rocking Black Friday sober!

Sadly, I can no longer wear those comfy, comfy grey shoes (they slip off my feet too much), but I will be wearing “fuzzy” socks and breaking all sorts of fashion rules I’ve formulated for myself  – and probably wearing leggings when I’m done being on my feet on Friday! Don’t…judge me.

I’ll be doing SOME shopping Black Friday weekend! Nice, comfy online shopping that doesn’t require me to put on “human clothes!”

Maybe I’ll find a sweet laptop deal!


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