So…The State Tournaments Are Coming Up On Sunday! What Kinds of Questions Might Be Asked?

The Sporcle Live trivia league will be staging their “state tournaments” on Sunday. This means the best teams of the best (or luckiest teams, depending upon circumstances) will be battling for a share of prize money…and ALMOST as important – “trivia street cred.”

My trivia team will not be among the teams playing in this “big game.” It’s become very difficult to get to state championships under the new “semifinals” system, though I would wager it’s…not impossible. If teams are willing to travel a bit to semifinals and play in the least competitive semifinals spots, it might be an easier way to get to the championship than by just hoping you’ll get lucky and be asked about stuff only YOU know (dream on). The Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area of Michigan, for example, is an absolute hotbed of trivia competition. Unless you’re a super awesome team, your best bet for navigating the labyrinth of semifinal qualifiers is to play in semifinal games where there are NOT teams playing called The Moops or More Beer Less Pants! Just for starters… There are plenty of other good teams I COULD name, but those are just a couple of really good teams that regularly dominate the competition in my ‘hood! That said, I would not be disappointed if either of these teams take first in their trivia battle on Sunday evening (good luck to you lads/lasses)! Oh yeah…team Keerok too (I almost forgot you guys qualified for the state championship).

So…what kinds of questions can players expect? One can only speculate! I’ve been to a good number of “state” finals games over the years, so I am going to speculate about what kinds of questions might be asked! If you would like to look at past tournament questions, click on this link. You’re welcome!

Without further ado, here are some “sample” questions you might see at Sunday’s games, though you will definitely not see any of these questions that I just made up:

Some of these questions just might give me a “triviagasm!” No, I’m not providing answers to any of these (have fun)!

Film Credits – What actor has played characters in credited roles named Freddy Benson, Rigby Reardon and Frank Sangster?

State Borders – Of the states that border Idaho, name the one with the fewest letters – and the one with the most letters in their names.

Animated Films – Name both Disney animated films released in the decade of the 1940s with plural nouns in their official titles. Hint, both plural words are of foreign origin.

Elements – What element, number 118 on the Periodic Table of Elements, has an abbreviation commonly used to measure the relative density of wort before it is fermented to produce beer? Give the full name of this element, NOT the abbreviation.

U.S. States – Name both U.S. states admitted to the union in the year 1845. Bonus, put the states in order in which they were admitted to the union.

European Countries – Give either the former full official name (when it declared its independence) of or the current official name of the European country whose capital is Skopje.

Disneyland – Name any two of the three dates (or the events) in which there were unscheduled closures of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Comic Strip Characters – What is the name of the youngest of the Van Pelt siblings in the Peanuts comics?

Sports Mascots – Name any three mascot names used by the former American Basketball Association league that are also used by current NBA teams as official mascots.

American Novels – Name either the novel that immediately preceded the publication of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald OR the novel that was published immediately after it.

Island Nations – Name four of the six sovereign island nations of the world located in the Indian Ocean.

Canada – Of the three “territories” in Canada, which one is the most populous, as of 2019 population estimates?

Alma Maters – Which U.S. president is the only one to have graduated from a higher education institution with the Midshipmen as its official mascot?

I just KNOW there will probably also be questions about Emmy winners, Grammy winners, recent music, viral videos, math, words recently added to the Oxford dictionary and maybe even questions about obscure culinary terms! And let’s not forget sportsball championships!




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