Six Years Ago Today…I Binge Watched “Animaniacs”

Facebook  informs me that  six years  ago today, I did a status update  about  binge watching  Animaniacs  as a means  of preparing  for a trivia  tournament. The next day, my team  would place and win some money (after moving  up from almost last place).

Almost makes me feel bad that  my team is not  playing semifinals  tomorrow! Well…not THAT  bad! But kind of bad!

Still  feels so weird, though…Pods not playing  a tournament. What is this madness? Have I gone crazy? Don’t  answer  that!

Dear lord what have I DONE? Is it too late to RSVP and play the Grand Rapids semis? The competition  might be  light out there. Hmmmm….

Sigh…I’m  just kidding of course! Uh, not really. Mike would definitely  say “What the Hell are you thinking,” Heather?

And that’s how I’d  know he was pissed (him calling me Heather instead  of one of my many  aliases).

Really though  it still feels…wrong. Gah!

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