Sexiest Men – Dead – Or Alive

People Magazine recently released their newest pick for “Sexiest Man Alive,” whom was John Legend:


I don’t disagree with People’s pick of John Legend for their list of sexy men – nor several others of their picks. But it’s not MY list.

So…who would be on MY list of “sexiest men?” And also – “Why must this list be limited to living men?” The list you are about to view will not be limited to living men (hey I like to be inclusive). Click  here to see my list of People’s sexiest men alive…

I thought about including women on the list too – but figured that list would be better saved for a separate blog!

First off..what exactly is “sexy?” You’d think it just refers to someone you’ve fantasized about having sex with, but that’s…really only a small part of the equation (and may not even be part of the equation at all). “Sexy” – to me – encompasses so much more and goes beyond mere eye of the beholder (for instance, I don’t find Tom Brady sexy…at all – even though countless other women out there likely disagree with my opinion).

To me, “sexy” can mean any number of things – it can mean brains, it can mean smoldering gazes, it can mean “bad boy,” it can mean vulnerable, overall presence, confidence, tortured genius, genius, nice voice – but the underlying thing is talent. Sexy is being good at what you do – whatever it might be – and doing it with confidence, style, etc. Of course looks are part of the equation, too – all of us have a “type” that we like, whether that be brunettes, flight attendants, strippers, schoolgirls, docile livestock who don’t put up too much of a fight (JK)!

Without further ado:

My List of The Sexiest Men Alive

In No Particular Order…


Robert De Niro


Talent, talent, talent – topped off with smoldering passion (here is De Niro in The Mission). When he was preparing to play young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part 2, he used a tape recorder to record real life Sicilians reading his lines so he could say them properly. He wanted to wear boxers from the same shop that provided silk boxers to Al Capone when he played…Al Capone in The Untouchables (he’s a consummate method actor)! Even as an older gent, this guy still has such…presence. And did you know he played Satan in Angel Heart?


Christoph Waltz


Equally talented as a hero (shown here in Django Unchained) and a villain (Inglourious Basterds)… Plus, he’s a polyglot, which is REALLY hot… Remember that scene in A Fish Called Wanda where Jamie Lee Curtis is going nuts when John Cleese is reciting foreign words? Yeah…that’s kind of like me!


Willem Dafoe


He’s not conventionally attractive, he’s not a “pretty boy.” Here, he’s playing Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ. Give him any role to play and he will make it memorable – and OMG…that VOICE! Read bedtime stories to me, Willem Dafoe!


John Cusack


My favorite film of Cusack’s is Better Off Dead, but here he is playing a hit man in Grosse Pointe Blank. Few other actors so accurately embodied Gen-X angst better than John Cusack. Some may know him best for his boombox hoisting skills he showed off in Say Anything, but to me, he’s the guy who won the heart of the French foreign exchange student Monique in Better Off Dead.


Christian Bale


I honestly don’t care if he’s a dick in real life or yelled at everyone on the set of Terminator Salvation (or if he’s the hot yuppie he is here in American Psycho). What I like and respect about him is his dedication to his job. He is a virtual chameleon in the way he transforms himself into his roles. For Christ’s sake…he played DICK CHENEY! He dropped tons of weight for The Machinist, gained some weight to play Batman. He did all of his Batman interviews in his American accent even though he’s Welsh. He’s like a male Meryl Streep, if you ask me…


Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson may have gotten his big screen start late (shown here when he’s older than 40 in Goodfellas), but thanks to his memorable role as Jules in Pulp Fiction, he became a virtual superstar. I love him for not only his command of the English language (mainly his talent for profanity), but his versatility as an actor. And yes…that voice, too! I want him to record every word in the Oxford dictionary four times over so even after his death we can make audio memes of him talking (his voice really needs to be eternal).


Ian McShane


I developed a mad crush on him while watching him play Mr. Wednesday (Odin) in American Gods. Maybe I have a thing for power? And also him playing Al Swearengen in Deadwood. Evil characters  are just…fascinating – in real life – and in fiction. A true “silver fox,” he’s way hotter as an older man than he was as a young man IMHO. And since to me, men need to be as pleasing to the ears as they are to the eyes…yep, he has a nice gravelly voice which needs to be reading The Cat in the Hat to me right now (LOL)! And yes…he can use  the  word  “cocksucker” while he is reading!


Steve Martin

Steve Martin is the first celebrity I developed a “crush” on. I had a T-shirt that said “Wild and Crazy Kid” when I was…a kid! Here he is in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, which is one of my favorite movies you’ve probably never even heard of. Not only is he funny, and not only can he act, but he also slices, dices, writes scripts and to top it all off, is a banjo virtuoso. He got his start as a performer at a Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park.  My husband has said if I ever had a chance to go on a “date” with this man, he’d have no choice but to step aside and allow me to do it. I think my favorite Steve Martin movie (besides the one pictured) is L.A. Story.


Trent Reznor


Yes, I’m a Gen-X girl at heart. And watching him in the video for Closer makes me feel both naughty – and kind of icky inside. This very, very talented man has not only recorded albums as the band nine inch nails, but he’s done soundtrack work too. He has a fascinating darkness about him and tons of raw talent.


And A Couple Of Sexy Dead Men…


Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger as the Joker, for which he won a posthumous Oscar. This is the role that arguably killed this actor way before his time (even though it was technically an overdose of drugs that killed him). This Aussie hunk sang to Julia Stiles in a football stadium (10 Things I Hate About You), starred in the anachronistic A Knight’s Tale and had a grin that would melt cold butter from across the room. I think my mom and I both had a crush on this guy (she was SO upset when he died – and she owns A Knight’s Tale). RIP, Heath Ledger!


Doc Holliday


Wild West legend (and dentist by trade) John “Doc” Holliday was highly intelligent, a master of all saloon games, and a tragic figure (suffered from debilitating effects of tuberculosis in his final days). He was also Wyatt Earp’s most trusted friend. Read more about him in this other blog I wrote.



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