Trivia Recap – November 14, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

A couple of ‘Pods decided Wednesday it was high time for a change of trivia “scenery.” With the crappy weather at the beginning of the week making us itching to “get out,” and me feeling the trivia “itch” (there is no powder the only cure is…to go play a trivia game). During the last Sporcle Live trivia season (which is now ended), we played 18 consecutive weeks at Sticks on Monday nights. Next week, we’ll probably start playing weekly My Trivia Live games at Tower Inn. Since this was a “bye week” for MTL, we wanted to mix things up a bit! My trivia pardner Mike also wanted to try out Shorts’ tropical hard seltzer water on tap at The Owl in Milan (which he said was delicious)…and since I wasn’t as exhausted and irritated as I usually am after work Wednesday (LOL), we decided… to do a trivia game!

We decided that our “change of scenery” would be The Owl in Milan. We played there “semi regularly” during the summer and fall, but sadly will not be able to play there regularly when the Tower Inn shows start back up on Wednesdays. We kind of like the friendly, relaxed vibe there (and the chill staff)! My hibiscus citrus hot tea was quite good! I liked the cast iron teapot they served it in (it would probably make a bonny weapon in a pinch)!

As for the game, we were roughed up a bit in game one! We didn’t spot a “restaurants” question as the Facebook clue question (big d’oh there), so we blew points on that – and also blew six points on a Grammy question by being only one year off on the “range” for the correct answers (double d’oh)! We made up for it by hanging onto our first place lead in game two and winning a $15 gift card.

Please assume all questions will be abbreviated. Special thanks to Mike for helping write some of these down…now let’s go to last night’s trivia game!

Game One

1. Countries – What is the largest independent nation in the world that doesn’t share a land border with any other nation?

2. ’90s Films – What 1998 comedy film starring Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon used the tagline, “Love is in the hair?”

3. Entrepreneurs – A college student named Jayson made weekly trips to Iowa to pick up products to re-sell in Minnesota for what restaurant chain – which originally did a cease and desist order – but later helped Jayson with his business? This question is abbreviated, but is the Facebook clue…miss for 2.

4. Kids’ TV – Audio clue of PBS series that originally aired from 1998 to 2001. I’ll give a clue that was not given to us and say that a lemur was featured in the show…miss for 3.

5. U.S. History – What was the two-word alias for informant Mark Felt, whom provided info to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post during Watergate?

6. Video Games – In October, 2019, the world of what multiplayer online game was obliterated leaving people unable to play for 40 hours until the next chapter was launched? Me: “(blank) game is really super popular right now, so it might be that.” Got it for 4.

7. Quarterbacks – Jay Cutler, who played for 12 seasons in the NFL (mostly with the Chicago Bears), holds a human and organizational development degree from what Southeast Conference college? Nope for 1.

8. Artists – What prolific French painter, who did in 1917 and was good friends with painter Mary Cassatt, was well known for his paintings of dancers – particularly ballet dancers?

9. Grammy Awards – Within one, in what year did the Indigo Girls, Tone Loc, Neneh Cherry and Soul II Soul all receive nominations for best new artist? Have to ID the year of the Grammy ceremony, bonus for getting year exact. We almost got it within one, but I changed the answer to one year later, so miss for 6.

10. Newspapers – Pravda, is a newspaper officially founded in 1912 that is currently run by the Communist party in what country?

Mystery – Twisted Titles – Holiday Songs edition

Correct answers will be titles of holiday songs with one letter switched.

M1 – Song about how on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s everyone gets a flexible garden tool

M2 – A song about the best green citrus fruit of the past 12 months

M3 – Peter, Paul and Mary sing about getting into an altercation with one ninth of the Menorah

M4 – A popular winter song about someone letting mucus fall wherever

Nope, this mystery round didn’t really help us recover more points! We only got #2 and #4 correct.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 40 to 61, with Bald for the Win in first. We were in fifth with 50 points. Warm up game?

Final Category – U.S. states

There are four pairs of U.S. state capital cities west of the Mississippi River that are less than 150 miles apart from each other. Name two of those four pairs, none of which include a city in one of the other pairs.

No teams got this correct…

Bald for The Win held onto their lead, unsure who got second…

Game Two

1. TV Hosts – Vanna White began hosting episodes of what game show series after the regular host required surgery in the middle of filming?

2. 2010s Films – What 2014 film that was nominated for the Academy Award for best picture earned John Legend and Common an Academy Award for best original song titled “Glory?” Good guess for 4.

3. Book Characters – In Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, what two characters trick a group of oysters into following the characters to a dinner in which the oysters were promptly served? Mike was all over this for 9. I described the events in this question as being a “dick move” on the part of these two characters..


4. Song Titles – The longest song to ever reach the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts was a 1992 Guns ‘n Roses song with what month of the year in the title?

5. World Leaders – For five weeks from 1989 to 1990, the U.S. military carried out “Operation Just Cause” which deposed the military leader of what country?

6. Companies – What multinational company is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas?

7. Laws – Which of Isaac Newton’s laws of motion can be summarized by stating, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?” Miss for2.

8. Nicknames – Which east coast U.S. state is nicknamed “The Palmetto State?”

9. Soccer – In addition to Manchester City, who was champion, name one of the three Premier League teams which qualified for the UEFA Champions League group stage following the 2018-2019 Premier League championship? Bonus, name two. At least we named English premier league teams…I saw that one of the teams put Real Madrid on their slip! I put down four different Premier League teams as possible answers, we just didn’t happen to pick any what were correct! In my defense, it’s been a while since I followed the Premier League (what would Archie say)? Miss for 3.

10. Food – What legume, usually pale in color with a single dark spot on it, is believed to bring good luck in some parts of the south when served on New Year’s? Our friend Sam used to make soup out of these beans for New Year’s (so yummy)!

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores – Seven teams, scores 31 to 58 with us in first. More Beer Less Pants was in second with 57.

Final Category – Award Winning Film Casts

I must’ve caught a bit of glare when I saw this category on the screen, and initially thought it said “Award Winning Film Costs.” I wouldn’t want to wager on THAT category! When I realized my mistake, I said “Let’s go for it,” so we wagered 20.

Of the performers in the 1998 film The Big Lebowski, three have won an acting Academy Award for their roles in other films. Name one of those three films.

I would’ve been able to name two movies, but couldn’t remember the title of the one Julianne Moore won her Oscar for…(I knew it wasn’t Boogie Nights).

Top two teams go it and held onto their spots…

Unsure when we’re playing next! We’ll be playing next Wednesday at Tower Inn for sure. We’re kind of making “game day” decisions about trivia these days. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy the Walrus and the Carpenter (you guys are assholes)! Those poor, poor oysters!


One thought on “Trivia Recap – November 14, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

  1. game one answers: Australia, krispy kreme, zoboomafoo, deep throat, fortnight,vanderbilt, degas, 1990, Russia
    mystery answers: Hose for the Holidays, The Most Wonderful Lime of the Year, Fight one Candle, Let it Snot
    final answers game one:
    Cheyenne, WY & Denver, CO
    Carson City, NV & Sacramento, CA
    Topeka, KS & Lincoln, NE
    Olympia, WA & Salem, OR
    game two answers: wheel of fortune, selma, walrus and the carpenter, november, panama, walmart, third law, south carolina, liverpool/chelsea/tottenham hotspur, black eyed peas
    mystery answers: 1980, 1940, 1952, 2000
    final answers game two:
    Crazy Heart
    Still Alice

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