Well, It Was a Good Run, But It’s Time For a New Laptop…

I’ll…apparently   be buying  a new laptop this  week. Any blogs I post until then will be published  using my tablet, or using  my husband’s  iMac – or using a computer  at my friendly  public library!

The Toshiba laptop  is nearly 10 years old, so…it really  did have a good  run. It was  geting really glitchy over the past few  months, so it’s  not like “Joshua” didn’t  warn me! Yes, I named  my laptop “Joshua” (a little  nod to the movie War Games).

The new one I’m  eyeing has a touch screen and a keyboard – and I’ll  be paying it off without interest  for 18 months.

In other news, winter  weather  officially  arrived today. It took me about twice  as long as normal to get home. Five times as normal just to get  on the freeway!

Here are some pics  from my snowy ride home:


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