What Would A “Rain Man” Video Game Be Like?

I was  watching a documentary  earlier today about  1989 (on demand on the National Geographic channel). They mentioned  The Simpsons, The Little Mermaid and Batman all becoming successful  media franchises  selling toys, clothing, video  games, etc. Then they  mentioned  that the movie Rain Man, released  a year earlier, was successful  at the box office, but didn’t  have  a video game tie in, or become a media empire.

But…what if it did? Would we have  talking  Raymond dolls saying “Time for Wapner,” “I’m  definitely  definitely  not wearing  my underwear” or just randomly melt down and make sweet love on the autism spectrum from time to time?


K-mart could’ve  sold “authentic” Rain Man tightie whities, Hell maybe they’d  still be in business now! Though I doubt that…Or what about  a Rain Man video  game? Your goal is to take him out of the institution  and encounter  as few obstacles  as possible on a road trip. Lose points  when you buy the wrong underwear or Raymond has to miss People’s  Court. Game over when you  get  caught cheating at the casino or Raymond  guesses the wrong number of candies in the jar!

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