Sunday Night…Trivia? Yes, Really! (November 10, 2019) – And In Other Trivia News…

Looks like a duo of ‘Pods will be doing a trivia game tonight at the YpsiAlehouse. Aside from a couple of semifinal games, we haven’t played a regular season game here since February, 2017. We played a good portion of the games here beginning in April, 2016, but started looking for greener pastures in 2017 – and pretty much stopped playing Sunday games after that.


Try listening to the French version of this Blondie song sometime (pssst…it’s hot)

It looks like the competitive scene for these trivia nights at the YpsiAlehouse has changed a bit! The team that previously dominated the standings for at least a couple of years has not been very dominant as of late (a couple of players on the team have very recently become new parents). Also, with it being the last week of the season, and the standings pretty much “etched,” it will be interesting to see who bothers to show up. I’m going to guess that us showing up might be a bit of a…surprise – to the teams that know us!

Even when I wasn’t doing the “no alcohol” thing like I am now, I really enjoyed the flavored sparkling seltzers they offer at the bar. It would be a “thing” for my husband and I to go alcohol free at the Alehouse, and then hit up the late night happy hour at another nearby bar afterwards. We just might do that tonight, too! This is day 9 of no booze for me (though drinking that Nyquil before bed last night with 10 percent alcohol kind of puts me into some gray areas, LOL)! Did I have a relapse? Whatever the case, it really helped knock me out and give me some great rest!

It’s “possible” I’ll show up at the YpsiAlehouse the following Sunday (November 17) when the semifinal game is going on. I’ll most likely try to set up shop at the bar and stay out of the “action,” unless someone approaches me and asks me to join their team. Last August, I learned that I rather enjoy being a “spectator” in trivia tournaments! It’s kind of fun to not HAVE to answer the questions in a tournament (it’s a hard thing to explain).

I know I haven’t been going out for a lot of trivia games lately, since I’ve been so busy with work – and lying low in between busy shifts at work (still not feeling 100 percent), so my apologies to the folks who follow this blog and might expect a little more output out of me! I know I don’t “have” to apologize for something I do on my own time, but hey…I really do care about – and appreciate the folks who bother to check out my blogs (I really, really do)! As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t write ’em – if you didn’t read ’em!

I finally got a confirmed “yes” from someone agreeing to play with us in the My Trivia Live semifinals December 7. I would also like to have an “alternate” just in case, so any others I’ve asked might still have a chance (things happen). This is a person whom has NEVER played with my team before, but was recommended by a longtime trivia “comrade” of mine. I think this person will be a good addition!

This means I’ll have a recap to share after 4 p.m. Monday. See you in the next blog!

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