Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Drinking…


I MUST stay strong and on goal!

Let’s take a look at today, shall we? First off, I was stuck in a line of about 50 cars or so that were losing in a race with all of the local snails to get onto a local freeway. So I had to turn around and recalibrate my whole route, meaning I was about 10 minutes late for work. New hire guy I’m supposed to be helping to train (I think he’s pretty hopeless), didn’t bother to show, leaving me to work by myself…Which was probably better…and to top it all off – the holiday music is now playing at my workplace! I’m never ready for the holiday music, but the first day is ALWAYS the hardest. Ugh…where’s my spiked egg nog? Wait…I don’t even like egg nog.

My theory is everyone just freaked out because it was the first snow of the season. Roads weren’t slick or icy, there was NO logical reason for traffic to be backed up (at least as far as I could tell…maybe there was some kind of catastrophe in the roundabouts along Geddes Road that I avoided navigating).

I was feeling very, very tempted to have a drink today…but I will stay on my goal…I only have 23 days to go!


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