Trivia Recap – November 3, 2019 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

A “generation gappy” trio of ‘Pods with ages ranging from 31 to 47 visited Oscar’s Sports and Grill in Saline Saturday for its trivia scene for the first time since…late June, when Evan showed up to see how he’d do as a soloist. Before that, we hadn’t visited Oscar’s since February – though it was a place we played “semi-regularly” since it started offering trivia in late 2016 (though never every week). I’ll never forget one of the first games I played there in the fall of 2016 – when the World Series fans were losing their shit with excitement! I believe that might’ve been the year the Cubs won it…(Google informs me that I’m correct)! Hey, sports factoids ain’t my normal “thing,” so it’s exciting when I get one right!

The TV sports action was a bit lighter on this night, with no major college games playing on any of the dozen or so screens in the bar. One of the teams playing was a college team from Memphis (Google informs me that they are the Tigers), and I SWEAR I saw a fan in the audience dressed as Elvis! I kept doing a double take with this game, since the team’s colors are almost identical to the Detroit Lions (hey I said I wasn’t really a sportsball person)!

As for our game? We did quite well – got both final questions correct (yes really) AND wagered it all on both of them! This was our second highest scoring game of the year with 156 points, though our scores aren’t showing up on the list for of teams for last night (I have several witnesses who will prove that we were there). Kimberly the host has assured me that our scores will be added soon!

And here are the questions, some of which were a bit difficult to hear, because of all of the NPCs in the room (non-player characters – any of you past or present role playing gamers will not need the abbreviation NPC to be explained). Oscar’s has always been an “acoustic” challenge, so assume every single question will be very, very abbreviated. I will do my best to “vet” all of these for accuracy, even if internet searches are needed. Ready? Let’s go…

Game One

1. Athletes – Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn and Picabo Street are all athletes involved in what Olympic winter sport? We were torn between two, picked the wrong one for 4 (sorry for not listening to you Evan)!

2. Games – Dr. Orchid replaced what Hasbro game character in 2016? 10

3. Title Characters – In 1984, who became the first person playing a title character in a 1984 film directed by James Cameron and also later in its 1991 sequel? For a bonus point, name the actor playing the title character in the 2019 film Alita: Battle Angel. No clue on the bonus, got the other question for 9.

4. SCIENCE! – What Greek letter is used as the symbol for electrical resistance? Mike wrote down the symbol as the answer, I also wrote the name for the symbol! Got this for 5.

5. Canada – Other than Toronto, name any other municipality in Canada whose “city proper” area (not metropolitan area) has 1 million or more people living in it per 2016 Census estimates, 6.

6. Quotes – What six-word phrase begins the Hamlet quote in which he refers to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” among other things? 3

7. Alcohol – What variety of red wine with a two-word name is the most popular in the world according to a 2011 worldwide study? This was one of two questions in the game proving how uncultured we are on the ‘Pods team…we’re beer and liquor drinkers – NOT wine drinkers! Miss for 3, though to our credit, we did put down a two-letter red wine!


Did you know Coppertone poster boy George Hamilton played a vampire in the campy 1978 film Love at First Bite? Now you do!

8. ’70s Music – “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The (Blank) Player,” is the name of a 1973 Elton John album, fill in the blank, 7.

9. Variety – Who lent her name to a variety show airing from 1967 to 1978 with a closing credits song containing the lyrics “I’m so glad we had this time together?” This was WAY too old of a pop culture reference for 31-year-old Evan, and ALMOST too old of a reference for the other two Gen Xers! But we got it for 2…whew! Thank goodness it wasn’t about Flip Wilson! 🙂

10. The ’60s – In 1962, it was discovered that what country had installed ballistic missiles, which led to what was called the Cuban Missile Crisis? “JFK just wanted an excuse to go to Cuba to get more cigars” which is what I said regarding my theory about why this really happened (JK)! Now I’m not saying this is why the Cuban Missile Crisis happened, but JFK’s love of cigars was well documented…got this for 1.

Mystery – Muscles

Put the following human muscles in order from top  to bottom – if a person is standing upright.

M1 – Biceps femoris

M2 – Lattissimus dorsi

M3 – Gluteus maximus

M4 – Temporalis

We mistook “biceps femoris” for a different muscle with “biceps” in its name (biceps brachiis). This must be why it’s called “brachiating” when an ape travels from tree to tree by using its arms (wow I just learned something)! #mindblown So only four points…

Scores – Nine teams, scores 54 to 63, with ??? in first (I didn’t write down every team name). We were almost bringing up the rear with only 55 points. This is when I said to Evan, “We’re going to get this final question correct.” Usually I’m delusional – or lying when I say things like this in trivia games, but…

Final category – Companies

In 2018, what company, which was the oldest continuously operating candy company in the U.S., was ultimately sold to Spangler Candy Company for 17.3 million dollars?

And I knew this one right away…I’m going to give credit to the late Archie Crawford for me knowing this answer (he held a birthday trivia contest at his house several years ago and asked a question about this candy company). So I guess you could say I had a lifeline from beyond the grave (thanks Archie)!

We were the only team getting this correct…

Final scores: Let’s Get it For Pops, 43; ‘Pods, 75.

Game Two

1. Products – The Arch Deluxe and Son of Mac are discontinued items at what fast food chain? 10

2. Speed – Passed in 1973, the national maximum speed limit was set at what number – within five? 9

3. Jobs – Isabella Boylston, Christine Shevchenko and Misty Copeland all have jobs in what profession? And this was question number two proving how “uncultured” our team is…miss for 2. How uncultured are we? I dropped out of an activity that would lead to this “profession” when I was six! Dammit, that Russian name should’ve been a clue…


Homer and his pals have about as much knowledge of ballet as the players on my trivia team!

4. Eyewear – Which regular Sesame Street character wears a monocle and a cape? 8

5. Translations – The English translation of what Leo Tolstoy work opens with the line, All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way?” A bit of debate here, but we got this – but for only 1 (too much debate)!

6. Songwriters – What singer/songwriter wrote the 1990 hit song Nothing Compares 2U, which was number one for four weeks? For a bonus point, what did Sinéad O’Connor change her name to? This one appeared to be a stumper, judging by how many teams waited until the last second to hand them in. We didn’t know the bonus question, but got this for 7. This is one of those songs I love singing in the car, but…isn’t so great for playing in a bar (kind of a Debbie Downer song, but a nice one to sing when you’re by yourself)!

7. NBA Players – What NBA player active between 1975 and 1989 was known for his backward dunks and also the phrase “in your face disgrace?” Facebook clue, 6.

8. 2010s Films – In what 2013 comedy film do Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis star together – with Aniston’s character working as a stripper in the film? This is nothing like the question that was presented to us, but…here ya go! 5


I greatly admire Jason Sudeikis’ ability to do “deadpan!” But it’s hard to tell who’s wearing deadpan better in this photo – him – or Nick Offerman!

9. Animals – If an animal has been “polled,” what has been removed – to protect other animals and humans? 3

10. U.S. States – Which western U.S. state uses the nickname “The Golden State?” Easy one to end the game, 4.

Visual Mystery –

Got them all.

Scores – Nine teams, scores 33 to 63 with Poor Boys in first. We were in third with 62, just ahead of One is the Loneliest Number (who had 38) and Let’s Get It For Pops, who had 57.

Final Category – Song Lyrics

There are three men referenced by their full or last names in the 1971 song “American Pie” by Don McLean. Name two of those three men.

And Mike knew this answer right away – and only because he’s heard the song so much in the car – not because he likes the song! #spousemosis I’m just glad the question wasn’t about “We Didn’t Start The Fire!” #lovebillyjoelbuthatethatsongsorrybro

Sadly, though this wasn’t QUITE as tragic as the deaths that inspired this song (The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly), we didn’t land in the prize zone…

Game Winners – Jim, 82, Poor Boys, 82.

We’re still deciding when our next trivia game will be and are debating whether we will play Monday at Sticks or not. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, The Terminator!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – November 3, 2019 – Oscar’s Sports and Grill

  1. game one: skiing, clue, arnold schwarzenegger bonus rosa salazar, omega, montreal/calgary, to be or not to be, cabernet sauvignon, piano, carol burnett show, ussr
    mystery – temporalis, latissimus dorsi, gluteus, biceps
    final answer: necco
    game two: mcdonalds, 55, ballet, the count, anna karenina, prince/Magda Davitt, Shuhada’ Sadaqat, darryl dawkins, horns, california
    visual mystery – yeltsin, eisenhower, jolie, thatcher
    final answer – james dean, lenin, marx

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