I’m Upping The Ante – Commence “No Drink November”

I’m  officially  committing myself to having NO drinks for at least the remainder  of the month of November.

My recent bout of high stress, illness and…icky stomach symptoms – are driving  this change. I’m  doing  much better and not having  any indigestion  from food or any other alarming symptoms – just indigestion  after having  even small amounts of booze. I’ve never taken amtacids in my life, but have started needing them every time I drink. So no booze for a while. I only get one body, after all… I’ll  put my ironclad willpower  to the ultimate  test! I did walk away from  a smoking  habit January  7 with NO relapses. Not even  any  real temptation. I’ve got this!

This might mean avoiding  bars that  aren’t  “sober friendly” (not offering  interesting  non alcoholic  choices or no free refills). Might mean more Buzztime! It helps pass the time when my “pardner” and I are at the bar. And gives  me an edge when everyone  around me is getting toasted!

This  also means I’ll  be using my share of trivia prizes on food. And maybe trying  a virgin margarita…hmmmm

I just hope my friends are understanding  about this…I don’t  want to be even more of a social pariah! 😂

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